Talent Mr Shaun Escoffery On New Remix Album And More

The gifted East Londoner Shaun Escoffery in a recent interview revealed that he’s totally into Me’Shell N’Degeocello’s latest album and he says that he’s going to do more studio time for a forthcoming remix album.

“I’ve just bought the new Me’Shell N’Degeocello album, entitled ‘Anthropology Of MixTapes’ and it’s mad! It’s just a wicked album. I love her albums. I’m also listening to St. Germain, and Rae & Christian.”

“I’m actually planning on doing a remix album too. Jazzanova are getting involved in that, Koop, St. Germain, Cam plus a few more. There’s a good European thing going on there I guess. They’ve all picked the tunes they want to remix, so I’m going to go over there and re-vocal the stuff. It’s going to be hot! It’s going to be quality music.”

So just how talented Shaun Escoffery is? Well, hear one of his older tracks, ‘Space Rider’ and you’d know what I’m talking about. This guy needs more exposure.

Check out the track at DarkerThan Blue.com here.

Sean Escoffery On His Musical Tastes

Speaking to an online webzine recently, the soulful vocalist said that he’s pretty into current music and those seem to be his musical influences.

“Like the other day, I was just thinking to myself that my musical influences are people who’ve been around for the last year or so.”

He revealed “Singers and bands like Alicia Keys, Mis-Teeq, Ms Dynamite, Brian McKnight, Toni Braxton, Whitney Houston, Ashanti, Oxide & Neutrino, The Reelists and even George Michael.”

Days Like This For Shaun Escoffery

You may have heard his track on the radio these days. A certain Mr Shaun Escoffery’s smooth baritone vocals certainly do stand out among the deluge of the same female and high registered male R&B vocalists.

Shaun is an UK-based singer/songwriter and a rapidly emerging talent who is being increasingly acknowledged by urban music bigwigs such as Trevor Nelson and The Dreem Teem.

‘Days Like This’ is the first track to be taken from his future album, and DJ Spinna provides a suitably deep US-style garage remix, which boasts a throbbing bassline, underpinning a summery melody and a typically warm vocal performance.

‘Days Like This’ must surely refer to the glorious, mid-summer days when people hang out in the park and smile at strangers.

With a cool track like that, be sure to support this fine artiste. Request him or something. Anythnig to get him high on the charts.