Vanessa Carlton On Getting Attention

“I think it’s very hard” said Vanessa Carlton on distancing herself from the whole teen-pop area. “I’ve been a performer since I was 5 years old. I’m not doing it to get attention.”

“See, I’m doing it to express something that I love, and there’s no point in doing what I’m doing unless it’s honest and real. So it’s not really hard for me to maintain integrity.”

“It’s just something that’s very natural.”

Vanessa Carlton On Her Label And New Material

Vanessa Carlton talked the other day about her relationship with her A&M Records label. “Being on a major label has been very beneficial for me” she said.

“I’ve obviously gotten way more exposure. It’s a powerhouse label, so it’s basically just broadened my fanbase and broadened my horizons. We have a very good relationship.”

As for a follow-up full-length release on the label, the hitmaker revealed “I get a break a little in January and then I go to Europe and then I’ll start recording in the springtime. I think I’ve been writing some of the best material I’ve written so far, so I keep growing as a writer, and it really just kind of is expanding my palette of sounds, and it’s really exciting.”

Fans Disappointed By Vanessa Carlton’s Behaviour

Vanessa Carlton apparently turned up on stage drunk at one of her gigs and soiled her image. Many fans were left upset.

One wrote “When she was up on stage, it was cool, but she kept acting really weird, like she was drunk and she even said that everybody needed beer.”

“And when she started playing ‘Ordinary Day’, she announced it as ‘Ordinary Fu**in Day’, and ‘A Thousand Fu**ing Miles’.”

“I cried. I’m guessing it’s true you should never meet your favourite person in the world or you’ll be disappointed. Frankly, I don’t know if I see her with the same eyes, and in the same light as I used to.”

Another wrote “Gosh, who is she mixing with? She’s such a let down.”

Vanessa Carlton Feels Like She’s Avril Lavigne’s Big Sister

Vanessa Carlton told a music-zine about the first time she met Avril Lavigne.

“She’s so delightful and endearing. I remember, she came fresh in from Canada. And she’s just like this wide-eyed girl, she had cornrows” Vanessa, whom some people have branded a bimbo, said.

“She’s very sweet and, you know, I told her, ‘Call me if you’ve any questions,’ you know? I just feel like kind of her older sister or something.”

Which makes you wonder if Avril seeked Vanessa’s advice before she went on this crazy rampage dissing Britney Spears off to magazines, reports and what have you? Hmmm – – –

Vanessa Carlton And Moby?

Possibly hoping to recreate the success of his duet with Gwen Stefani, Moby has asked Vanessa Carlton to write and sing on a remix of ‘Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)’.

“It’s all in the works, really” Vanessa says. “We have to work our schedules out, but it’s very flattering.”

But Moby’s not the only one knocking on Vanessa’s door. You can catch her sweet voice on Counting Crows’ version of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Big Yellow Taxi’, taken off ‘Hardy Candy’, but you have to be tricky to find it since it’s a hidden track and all.

It’s also been reported that she will be featured in a fall ad campaign for Candies. You may remember their campy, colorful and provocative photo spreads with Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath or Jenny McCarthy.

Vanessa’s debut ‘A Thousand Miles’ will be released in the UK on the 22nd of July.