Vanessa Carlton And Moby?

Possibly hoping to recreate the success of his duet with Gwen Stefani, Moby has asked Vanessa Carlton to write and sing on a remix of ‘Sunday (The Day Before My Birthday)’.

“It’s all in the works, really” Vanessa says. “We have to work our schedules out, but it’s very flattering.”

But Moby’s not the only one knocking on Vanessa’s door. You can catch her sweet voice on Counting Crows’ version of Joni Mitchell’s ‘Big Yellow Taxi’, taken off ‘Hardy Candy’, but you have to be tricky to find it since it’s a hidden track and all.

It’s also been reported that she will be featured in a fall ad campaign for Candies. You may remember their campy, colorful and provocative photo spreads with Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath or Jenny McCarthy.

Vanessa’s debut ‘A Thousand Miles’ will be released in the UK on the 22nd of July.

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