Darius And Covers

Darius Danesh has said that failing to scoop the ‘Pop Idol’ title has been more of a blessing than a barrier.

Speaking to the newspapers, Darius confessed that failing to be the victor in the TV talent contest means he hasn’t been burdened with having to record a duff cover version, such as ‘Unchained Melody’. In fact, losing out to Will Young and Gareth Gates means he now has all the freedom he could bloody desire plus the ability to train his songwriting talent.

“If I’d won, I would have been a major nightmare. I wouldn’t have fitted into the mould. If I’d won, either the Pop Idol logo or I, would have imploded” explained the pop fellah “I have to be the person I am, ok”.

Once again, Darius was also keen to point out that it was actually his decision to turn down the opportunity to work with Simon Cowell. “I felt if I’d signed with BMG, then I would have been cashing my chips in” he reveals, reasoning “It was, in essence, ‘Nah! Here’s a suitcase full of money, take it and ask no questions, cover this song, yada, yada,yada’. With BMG, I was encouraged to release not only a cover, but two covers. Imagine this. I could have done a cover like Gareth. How great! You know, that doesn’t really inspire me.”

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