Ashanti’s Over-Protective Mother

Looks like Ashanti, when she was much younger, didn’t exactly hang out or, for that matter, date a lot of boys when she was growing up.

Recently, Ashanti revealed how her mom/co-manager Tina was so protective over the ‘Happy’ vocalistress. Ashanti said “In my group of friends, I was always the last one to do something like get phone calls or go to the movies. I’d always have to say to my mom ‘No, it’s only just me, Tiera, and Danielle. It’s just us going.'”

“You know, everybody else would be able to tell their mother, ‘Yeah! Mummy! David’s going and Brian too.’ Can you believe it? I was so mad and all my friends were like, ‘Dag, Shanti’s mother is too over-protective.'”

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