Dirt On Darius Danesh

Billy Masters of Filth2go.com has some dirt on Darius Danesh.

Billy writes, “Darius recently promoted his CD which is quite good and everything with a UK concert tour. However, it may have been questionable for him to wear a kilt onstage, since he went “full Scottish”. Yes, from the angle of our photos, it is clear that Darius was 100% authentic in his look although somewhat abridged in his nether regions.”

Meanwhile, fans of Darius Danesh, do keep a lookout for his new material, set to come out later this year. Also, word has it that he is dating Kim Basinger. No one’s confirming anything at the moment.

Darius Danesh And Racial Discrimination

Recently, Darius Danesh exposed what it was like growing up. He was tormented by racist kids during his childhood in Edinburgh during the ’90s, as they cruelly nicknamed him Saddam Hussein.

“It was during the Gulf War era and they called me Saddam” the half Iranian singer said. “I thought if only you knew what this madman has done to my family. The Iraq-Iran war was one in which I lost a lot of relatives so it’s painful.”

“Being a racist is not a kind thing to do. It can hurt and damage people, especially the young” he pleads.

Darius Got Dived In Compliments

Darius admitted he had been showered with “compliments” since coming back to his home town. He revealed, “I was leaving Taylor Ferguson’s where I had a haircut just before the gig when a man stopped me and said, ‘You’re Darius aren’t you. I used to think you were a pu**y, but you’re all right.'”

“He added that his wife loves my first single and said he found it to be a good song. The man also said that at least I write your own stuff. How sweet is that huh?”

“The good man ended it off by saying my new one ‘Rushes’ is a grower” said Darius happily.

Darius fans can now look forward to his debut album which I can exclusively reveal will be called ‘Dive In’.

The singer said “It’s an invitation to people to dive in and listen to what I believe has turned out to be a brilliant album. I’m very proud of it.”

Darius Hated His Goatee

Darius has admitted that the infamous, pencil-thin goatee beard that he sported, along with a ponytail, during the Popstars series was actually an act of rebellion, rather than a style statement.

“I hated it!” he told Top Of The Pops magazine, “I only wore it because I was rebelling against being at school and my parents. When I was 16, I went to a school where you had to join the army. I had all my hair clipped to a grade one and we weren’t allowed to have stubble. I didn’t like being told to do something without there being a good reason. That’s why I grew the goatee and didn’t cut my hair for three years.”

Although the ‘Colourblind’ hitmaker’s hairy bits have now been tamed, the Scottish giant has admitted that he still has a rebellious streak, which may be reflected by his forthcoming debut album.

“There was a rebel side to me, and I was doing my own thing and going against the grain,” Darius explained, “I’ve cut my hair and shaved off my goatee, but that rebel is still inside me and I think you’ll see it in my music in the future.”

Darius Says Pop Idol Is A BMG Marketing Entity

Pop Idol contestant Darius Danesh is making the charge that the show was geared towards Gareth Gates becoming the winner.

“We all recorded ‘Evergreen’ and ‘Anything Is Possible’ for the final. I did them too but they weren’t even in my vocal range. They were written for Gareth’s voice and Will was unhappy with that.”

“Will asked Simon Cowell if he could have them rearranged into keys we could all sing and Simon just brushed him off” said Darius.

He concluded “Sadly the program is a marketing entity which served the purpose of fulfilling BMG’s needs.”

Darius Danesh Thanks Fans And Launches Single

More than 300 fans have queued up to meet Darius Danesh as he launched his first single.

The Glaswegian was greeted with screams of delight from the crowd at the HMV store in Oxford Street, London.

The 21 year old was signing copies of his self-penned single ‘Colourblind’.

Darius, who landed a deal with Mercury Records after the Pop Idol television series finished earlier this year, is widely tipped to knock fellow contestant Gareth Gates off the top of the single’s chart this week.

Before the signing session, Darius said “I’m over the moon that I’ve finally been given the opportunity to release a single which I’m really proud of, which is, I suppose, my thank you to everyone that supported me through Pop Idol.”

“If my single gets to the top ten, I’ll be over the moon. If it gets to the top five, I’ll be screaming down the phone to my parents.”

Darius And Covers

Darius Danesh has said that failing to scoop the ‘Pop Idol’ title has been more of a blessing than a barrier.

Speaking to the newspapers, Darius confessed that failing to be the victor in the TV talent contest means he hasn’t been burdened with having to record a duff cover version, such as ‘Unchained Melody’. In fact, losing out to Will Young and Gareth Gates means he now has all the freedom he could bloody desire plus the ability to train his songwriting talent.

“If I’d won, I would have been a major nightmare. I wouldn’t have fitted into the mould. If I’d won, either the Pop Idol logo or I, would have imploded” explained the pop fellah “I have to be the person I am, ok”.

Once again, Darius was also keen to point out that it was actually his decision to turn down the opportunity to work with Simon Cowell. “I felt if I’d signed with BMG, then I would have been cashing my chips in” he reveals, reasoning “It was, in essence, ‘Nah! Here’s a suitcase full of money, take it and ask no questions, cover this song, yada, yada,yada’. With BMG, I was encouraged to release not only a cover, but two covers. Imagine this. I could have done a cover like Gareth. How great! You know, that doesn’t really inspire me.”

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Darius Danesh Inks Record Deal Finally

Darius Danesh has signed a recording contract with Mercury Records.

Mercury’s managing director and former U2 producer, Steve Lillywhite, signed the singer, whom just about everybody think is brilliant and I must say that he is, to the label.

Steve says he is honoured to be mixing around with, quoting him, “such an exciting young talent such as Darius.”

Speaking to an online music webpage, Darius said “I’m thrilled to have signed with Mercury, really and am just glad to have taken the time to find the freshest major label to work with.”

“Having Steve Lillywhite at the helm of the album is a dream come true and I am very very very excited about pursuing the future with the whole team at that label.”

Apparently, Darius’s debut single is due for release in the summer and no word was given as to what the title of his first cut would be, at the moment.

Darius Danesh To Have His Own Albums

Reportedly, Darius Danesh is on the verge of signing a GBP1 million record deal, in which it states that he’ll produce three LPs.

If you’re thinking Simon Cowell’s offering him the above-mentioned, then you’re wrong. The contract is with Mercury Records and not Simon’s BMG.

It had been thought Darius, who came in as the second runner-up in the hit ‘Pop Idol’, would follow Will Young and Gareth Gates in signing up with Simon too.

A spokesman for Darius’s management team told the press “Darius was flattered by all the offers and is hoping to make an announcement within the coming week or two.”

When Darius was a contestant on ‘Popstars’, Darius claimed he would have a number one single and a platinum album by the time he was 35. Well, looks like it may actually come true.

Hearing him sing on the ‘Pop Idol – The Big Band Album’, I think he has an awful load of potential to unleash. Coupled with his excellent singing abilities and strong vocals, I reckon that he’ll go far and not be an one-hit wonder.