Darius Got Dived In Compliments

Darius admitted he had been showered with “compliments” since coming back to his home town. He revealed, “I was leaving Taylor Ferguson’s where I had a haircut just before the gig when a man stopped me and said, ‘You’re Darius aren’t you. I used to think you were a pu**y, but you’re all right.'”

“He added that his wife loves my first single and said he found it to be a good song. The man also said that at least I write your own stuff. How sweet is that huh?”

“The good man ended it off by saying my new one ‘Rushes’ is a grower” said Darius happily.

Darius fans can now look forward to his debut album which I can exclusively reveal will be called ‘Dive In’.

The singer said “It’s an invitation to people to dive in and listen to what I believe has turned out to be a brilliant album. I’m very proud of it.”

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