P Diddy On Style, Kids, Manicures And Pedicures

According to reports, P Diddy is a very stylish and well groomed man. He was quoted as saying “I’m into a hair cut like every two days. I get my manicure and my pedicure done. I pride myself on having good-looking feet as a man.”

“You know, in essence, fashion is about leaving on your jacket and tie when other people are too hot and lazy to bother” said the rap mogul when asked what was his definition of style then.

Meanwhile, he revealed how often he gets to play daddy, he replied “I see Justin and Christian at least once or twice a week. They might come to the studio with me. They love that. But I try to go into their world.”

P Diddy confirmed he even goes to PTA meetings. “Yeah, I do that and football practice too” he revealed. “At games, I’m on the sidelines, yelling. I wish I could coach a team, if I had time.”

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