The Beckhams Love Aishwariya Rai

Victoria Beckham, reportedly, is keen on having talks with the people who bring us the 007 series into letting her star in the upcoming one alongside her favourite Indian actress, Aishwariya Rai.

Aishwariya Rai is Bollywood’s darling/diva/actress/beauty queen and has been reportedly courted by the makers of James Bond into becoming the next Bond girl. Victoria is a huge fan of the Indian actress and has seen and loved Aishwariya’s epic romance, big budget movie, Devdas. And just for the record, Devdas was India’s entry for the Oscars this year for the Best Foreign Film Award.

And oh yes, David Beckham thinks Aishwariya Rai is smoking hot as well and reckons that with both his favourite ladies on screen, the next James Bond movie is bound to be a huge smash at the box office.

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