Gareth: is he going all Busted?

Former Pop Idol lovey himself Gareth Gates has been out the public eye ever since he released Sunshine, his flop “sexy image” single that ex All Saint Mel Blatt described as “Incognito meets the Tweenies” on CD:UK two years ago…but this year he may return- and with a new Gareth, it must mean a new image…but what this time? Apparently, it’s the Busted route according to the tabs- guitars and tales of unrequited love all the way…Gareth’s been willing to go down a more edgier route similar to Busted’s according to his writers, which is why they’ve got John McLaughlin on board, who produced both the Busted albums and McFly’s debut…the new material isn’t finished yet, but let’s just hope it goes somewhere this time!

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