Madonna To Duet With Robbie Williams?

A Madonna website has been informed about a possible duet between the Queen of Pop and Robbie Williams.

The song apparently has been recorded on August 5 in London at Temple Studios and that appears to be the main reason Madonna flew back to London immediately after the US leg of the Re-Invention tour.

The song, whose title is still unknown, is a Guy Chambers production and it’s the main theme of the soundtrack of the film Daisy Scarlett: Semper Occultus, directed by Luc Besson who is apparently in talks to direct also the music video.

Earlier this year the Daily Star reported that Madonna was interested to play a villain in this movie which is the story of Daisy Scarlette, a female spy for the MI6, investigating thefts of organs of very emimnent people that leads her to a dictator, Semper Occultus, who needs the organs for a transplant. Daisy Scarlette is played by actress Naomi Watts.

Please be reminded that the above is merely a rumour. Nothing’s cast in stone.

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