3rd Edge Share Underwear

Just when you thought those 3rd Edge boys can’t get any weirder, here’s another unattractive secret that they recently disclosed about themselves.

Having recently revealed some dodgy secrets about themselves in the past, for instance the time when J Tee once put his finger in someone else’s vomit and licked it and there’s the one where Thomas apparently picks the skin off the bottom of his feet and eats it, pop earth’s newest boyband have now admitted that they occasionally share each other’s undies.

And if that ain’t bad enough, Tom has gone on record to admit that he’s, “accident-prone”.

Speaking to a popular teen’s magazine, Dan admitted that when the group were in Norway recently, Thomas borrowed J Tee’s undies. Worse still, Tom miscalculated how many pairs he was going to need for the trip and ran out of clean ones, explaining, “We were really unprepared. I flew there with only two pairs of briefs. But I ran out very quickly because I’m, er, accident prone.”

Eh? Tom wouldn’t elaborate, but did let slip that his bandmates were on hand to help him out, adding, “J Tee was kind enough to let me borrow his undies. Wearing another guy’s knickers really changes your whole perspective on life.”

Their second single, the Kavana-esque ‘Know You Wanna’, comes out next week.

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