Jessica Simpson Worries About How People Think About Her Upcoming Album

Jessica Simpson exclosed last week that the progress of her yet-to-be-titled third album on Columbia Records will be finishing real soon so tentatively it may be out in shops sometime in April or May.

“I’m more nervous about it this time,” the vocalistress said, “because I’m like, ‘Oh, my gosh, are people going to like what I have to say? Are they going to like how I sing it?'”

“You know, because I’m doing some of the vocal production, and, you know, I’m a lot more hands-on. My label actually has stepped back and let me do that, so I’m very excited about it.”

Robbie Williams Loves Everything About Norah Jones

Norah Jones threw some 3,000 Singaporeans a truly magnificent concert last week and everybody realised just how cool and down to earth she is, including Robbie Williams who flew into Singapore especially early just so he can attend her gig. He was in town for the MTV Asia Awards 2003.

He said “She’s awesome. I just love everything about her. That voice… My gosh! In essence, she is simply a breath of fresh air in the music industry.”

Geri Halliwell Works On New LP

Geri Halliwell is working on a new solo album, this one being her third and it will hit record stores before the middle of the year, her spokesman has exclosed.

“There still isn’t a precise date for the release or a title, but Geri wants the album to be out before the summer,” her spokesman said on Friday.

The pop lady who shot to fame as the flame haired Ginger Spice but left the all-girl pop group, Spice Girl in 1998, was last in the spotlight as a judge on the hit television show Popstars: The Rivals.

Fellow Popstars judge Pete Waterman, who has worked with million-selling artists such as Kylie Minogue, Rick Astley and Bananarama, will help produce Geri’s latest offering.

Geri’s last album, 2001’s ‘Scream if You Want to Go Faster’, produced several hit singles.

Ace of Base Launch “Unspeakable” As Next International Single

The song is the leadoff track from the new album, and has already been released in Scandinavia, where the strength of the song in terms of airplay and sales have prompted executives at various Ace of Base record labels to team up to launch “Unspeakable” internationally.

A release of the single is set now for Spain, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Austria and other European territories.

Already the song is out in Sweden, Norway and Finland and many other Eastern European countries where it has snagged numerous #1 rankings on radio station airplay charts. CLICK HERE To See Chart Positions

Next up will be Asian territories where Ace of Base have traditionally been strong.

The song’s overall success will be critical in determining the success of the latest Ace of Base album as record label executives in critical markets such as the UK and the USA will be watching the success of the catchy pop track, its dance remix strength in the clubs and affect on album sales before deciding whether to release the album in these two behemoth territories.

Craig David And Women

Craig David recently sat down and talked about girls with reporters.

“I’ve seen so many beautiful girls just in the last five minutes! Man, they blow your mind! But sometimes having the opportunity to make the move is difficult” he confesses.

He finds it “quite surreal” to be propositioned by girls when the memory is so fresh of being rejected at school because of his weight. “Back in the day you would gel with this girl, but she’s not into you physically.”

“I never understood how they could love the personality and the vibe, but not be into you physically.”

Michael Jackson Hates Madonna

Michael Jackson has a new favorite pet in Madonna, a giant de-fanged white snake. The snake got her name because she’s vicious, just like the way Michael feels about the Material Girl.

“Michael hates her” a source revealed. “She’s been cruel to his sister Janet Jackson.”

The source explained, “He loves and thinks the world of his sister and when that singer insulted Janet a few years ago, Michael never forgave her, and has been calling Madonna a snake ever since then.”

Ronan Keating And Others Had To Run Away

Ronan Keating has confessed the other day to reporters that in the early days of Boyzone, the Irish boyband had to run away from a “dodgy” hotel in London’s Russell Square without paying their bills.

“We couldn’t afford our phone bills so we chucked our bags out of the window and just ran away” Ronan admitted.

“It was not a very nice thing to do. I may want to go over there and pay them back if the place still exists”.

Eve Calls Foxy Brown A Miserable Jealous B**ch

Eve, recently struck at Foxy Brown. She says she won’t waste her time in the gutters to make a song comin’ back at her and referred to Foxy as a “miserable jealous bitch.”

“She takes all this time to come out and make a diss on me in a song. You know what she is – a miserable jealous bitch. And the cheek to call herself the female Tupac Shakur. What is this bitch thinking?”

Eve also says Foxy must really hate herself to bring out all her frustrations on her. “It’s sad. And she can’t even write her own songs.”

Eve revealed that while she writes her own songs, Foxy uses a ghostwriter.

Faye Tozer

The blond beautiful babe out of steps and had a hit with the start of her solo career. She performed the song ‘Someone like you’ and ‘If you Believe’. Is now starting her new solo career this spring with her new single. Don’t you think shes better than those strained voices H and Claire.

Eminem Is The Biggest Sissy-Bully

Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times said following Eminem’s string of fueds against the likes of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, Moby, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and N’Sync “Face up to it, Eminem. You’re the biggest sissy-bully in the history of pop music.”

He adds “Eminem is hardly the street-tough hip-hop badass he claims to be. It’s not as if he’s acting out the murder of Henry Rollins onstage, or writing nasty lyrics about Mike Tyson, or calling out Vin Diesel in his videos.”

“No, he’s too busy dissing pretty boy rappers, female politicians, hip-swiveling girl singers and a hand puppet. How brave?! Yuck! He definitely has a crush on Moby.”

“The Powerpuff Girls, the Bush twins and Bob the Builder better watch themselves around this guy, because he takes no prisoners.”