Myleene Klass Debut Classical Single To Be Out In A Couple Of Months Time

Ex-Hear’Sayer Myleene Klass has signed a record contract worth GBP1 million to relaunch herself as a classical crooner.

Keen to bung her manufactured pop days behind her, Mylster has agreed a three-album contract with Universal Classics and is now getting geared up to launch her debut single.

One of her chums told the press “People forget Myleene is a classically-trained musician and can play harp, piano and violin. She has been busy writing and recording tracks and she hopes to get her debut solo single out in the next few months. Myleene wants to be seen as a sexy classical artist with attitude.”

Madonna, The English Rose

Madonna has signed a publishing deal to write five illustrated children’s books.

Madge’s first book, The English Roses, will focus on the adventures of a red fox and a little Prince.

The target audience for Madge’s books will be 6 years and older and it’s set to be out in stores sometime in winter which would probabaly make it a nice Christmas gift for that little tot of yours.

Robbie Williams To Try To Crack USA Again

The Robster is making one last final push to crack the States by re-releasing his latest album ‘Escapology’ with some new songs added. Robbie has recorded two new tracks, namely ‘Get A Little High’ and ‘One Fine Day’, written specifically to appeal to US audiences.

The revamped album is released in the US on the 1st of April and Robbie plans a blitz of radio and TV shows including Good Morning America and the David Letterman Show.

According to the Daily Star, Robbie is under pressure from his record company EMI to recoup his GBP80m advance and want him to emulate the success of Brit bands Coldplay and Radiohead in America.

The Streets Not Arrogant

Aidin Vaziri of The San Francisco Chronicle caught up with Mike Skinner, aka the Streets, and asked the English rapper if he thought it was kind of egotistical to rap about himself so much.

“I don’t think what I’m doing is arrogant,” he said.

“If you’re telling a story, you have to tell it from your perspective. That’s just the way I’m telling my stories. It’s not like, ‘Hey, look at me. I’m great’.”