The Spice Girls Reunion In 2006?

After the Spice Girls’ reunion dinner, the papers were full of talk of reunion tours and greatest hits albums, but these tales were all denied by various band members who insisted they were solo artists now and that was that. However the People claims that they were telling porkies and that the tour and the album are already a done deal.

That paper says that the tour will take place in 2006, ten years after ‘Wannabe’ first hit the charts, and that each Spice Girl will net GBP5 million, plus a chunk of the ticket revenue.

Not only does the paper report the greatest hits album, but it has a tracklist, too. This includes four new songs, and some old songs that were never released, as well as 15 of their biggest single releases. This is pretty specific information, so it kind of lends weight to the story.

Finally they quote a Virgin music source “The company is very excited that comeback plans are underway.”

And another source told them “All the girls have agreed it’s the right thing to do and will announce details later.”

Anyway, you might want to brace yourselves for an avalanche of official denials, because even if the story is true, surely the girls will want to deny it for the time being so it doesn’t take the focus of their solo efforts.

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