Britney Spears new album tracklisting

Pop princess BRITNEY SPEARS will be releasing new album which will be her 4th one this coming August 2003. The album title is “I SAID” and the 1st single will be “Shadow” written by former pop star Lauren Christy. “Shadow” will be released by June this year. Britney’s new album will be much anticipated because of it’s clubbish, blues and even rock hits.

Here are the tracklisting:


Released: August 2003

1. Sacred

2. I Said

3. Shadow

4. With Another Guy

5. Coz U Lookin’ Good

6. Brand New

7. The Way I Feel

8. Free

9. It’s Funny How

10. I Don’t Want You

11. Nothing

12. You Thought Me Wrong

13. Funk It Up

14. Take Me Home

15. Baby Can’t You See?

16. More Than You Know

17. Weakness

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