Abs Vs Justin Timberlake?

Just who is UK’s equivalent of Justin Timberlake?

A debate has been sparked and many are saying that if all go well, then Abs may very well be it.

Said one fan, “Justin bores me. Abs is better than the Trousersnake. How Justin has had so much success in the UK confuses me?! He was only ever famous as Britney’s boyfriend. His first single wasn’t a very strong song.”

And how does Abs feel being compared to Justin?
“Everything he does turns to gold,” he told a webzine. “He can’t do anything wrong. I’d love to have worked with the Neptunes like him, but people would just say that I was trying to be like Justin. But Justin does what Justin does and he does it well. I don’t look at people like him and wannabe like them. I do my own thing. I’ll just go off and do my thing and hope people like it.”

Well, luckily for Abs, people are loving and raving about his new single ‘Stop Sign’. It’s out in stores already so get one now.

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