Victoria Beckham Hates ‘Me Julie’

Victoria Beckham is not a desperate woman. She will not pose naked or resort to other means for the sake of getting to No. 1 in the charts.

Mrs Beckham, who posed on a bed covered in diamonds for a British men’s magazine somewhere around last year, has had considerable success with her solo career, although she’d would’ve liked to have the kind of success Emma or Mel C has achieved, but she insists there’s only so far she’d go to notch up sales of her sounds.

She told Newswatch, “I am not one of those celebrities who will do all of those men’s magazines. I like to think I will succeed in music without having to take my clothes off. I couldn’t do that Demi Moore thing — sit there in my knickers and let it all hang out. I do it at home, I mean look at me, I’m five months pregnant.”

Ali G and Shaggy’s ‘Me Julie’ added the coffin to the nail for Victoria’s current state of mind.

“I heard Ali G’s single the other day and I thought it’s time for me to take a rest. I’m going to go home and let the music industry do what it wants for a bit because I’m not going to be involved if people are buying that crap.”

Oh well she can afford do that. She doesn’t really need the money now does she?

Check out the entire Beckham clan at her fabulous site:

Victoria Beckham Bars Kylie Minogue

My favourite, Victoria Beckham, apparently has banned Kylie Minogue from her posh star-studded World Cup party. “It’s to be a strictly Kylie-free zone” said a source close to the Beckhams to the press. Victoria has even made demands that her pop rival’s tracks are not played by the hired DJ. There’s even a warning that anyone who disobeys her will be thrown out. Slightly above 400 celebrity guests that’ll include Ronan Keating, Sven Goran Eriksson, Natalie Imbruglia and Elton John are expected to attend the white tie and diamonds celebration at Beckingham Palace, rumoured to have cost a cool GBP350,000.

The friendly source also added “Victoria has laid down the law and told all her advisors there will be no Kylie at the party. It’s also an unwritten rule for everyone who works with Posh that Kylie is not to be mentioned in her presence.”

It isn’t exactly rocket science to figure out why Victoria simply loathes Kylie so much, right. I mean, remember the whole Kylie-Victoria episode that occurred when they released their singles at the same time, with Kylie landing her ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ at the very top of the UK singles chart while Victoria’s ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’ had to settle for the sixth position on the same chart.

At the time this article was written for, Victoria’s spokeswoman had confirmed that Kylie was definitely not on the guest list for the “Gucci and sushi” charity bash, that’s to be held under a huge marquee in the sprawling gardens of the Beckham’s Hertfordshire home.

“It’s a private party so it’s only personal friends of the Beckhams” she said.

The Dish On Why Victoria’s So Slim

I, Kele Harvey, am going to share with all my fellow beautiful people logged in to the reason, directly off the mouth of my fave skinny dude, David Beckham, why all our fave sensations are all so friggin’ petite, guy or girl.

Using his ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’ Mrs as a fine example, David, who makes this comments to a leading female magazine, says the reason why both him and his wife are so slim because they have vigorous love-making sessions, what with him being an animal in bed.

In the interview conducted by the woman’s magazine, David also denies rumours that Victoria underwent fertility treatment, saying the couple had been waiting for the right time to have a second child because of their hectic schedules.He also said that before Victoria became pregnant, he enjoyed “practising” for a while.

Asked if the reason for the former Spice Girl’s slim figure was the fact that he was an animal in bed, David replied “That’s definitely one of the true ones!”

The soccer star, in addition, also mentioned that he loves being a gay pin-up idol and icon.

So, there you have it guys. Sex makes our pop sensations elfins, huh? Wonder what Kylie does to be so small? Think about this, chaps.

Victoria Bar David Beckham

Victoria Beckham has disallowed her football superstar of a husband, David Beckham, from a Pepsi ad, all because her rival Britney Spears is in it as well.

The Manchester United football captain was supposed to appear in a World Cup “dream team” photo, sponsored by Pepsi, with Britney but Victoria told him no way.

Posh Spice, apparently, did not want any gossip to materialise later that will associate her husband and the ‘Overprotected’ pop princess, especially since Britney has told the press that she finds David Beckham a “cutie”.

According to the tabloids, Britney said “I’ve seen some games on the telly in the States. I’m looking forward to doing the commercial. I think he’s a cutie. But I’m not a very good soccer player so I have to get someone to help me. Maybe he will.”

The two sensations who both own multi-million sponsorship contracts with soft drink giant, Pepsi, will appear in a TV commercial but David is only an animation.

Beckhams Idolised As Hindu Gods

To every Manchester United fan, David Beckham is god. Now two Asian artists have painted him, together with his famous wife Posh Spice, Victoria and son, Brooklyn, as Hindu deities.

The picture is just one of a series of Indian influenced pieces to be exhibited during the run-up to the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, which starts in June.The striking and beautiful portrait illustrates Beckham as the Hindu god, Shiva, complete with four arms, while his wife Victoria is depicted as the wife of Shiva, goddess Parvati. Brooklyn, 2, on the other hand, is pictured as the baby elephant god Ganesha.

The Beckhams are pictured sitting on a throne, with a crowned David holding exclusive sunglasses and “Golden balls”, the golden football famously dubbed by the ‘Mind Of your Own’ songstress. One of David’s arms is around the waist of a tiara-wearing Victoria and the third arm holds Brooklyn who’s in a baby Man U uniform.

The twin sisters who fashioned the stunning work, Amrit and Rabindra Singh, 36, say the portrait is anything except offensive or rude.

“We are using the language of religion, but it doesn’t mean we are saying they are gods in a spiritual sense but in a material sense, rather. They are idols people follow just like gods in the Hindu religion,” says Amrit. “They are depicted as the ideal family within celebrity circles”.

Victoria is pregnant again!

Victoria Beckham, the ex-Spice girl turned solo pop singer, has announced that she and her footie-star husband David Beckham are expecting another baby.

Victoria, 26, is expecting her 2nd child in September, and their boy, Brooklyn, is also looking foward to having a brother or sister to play with.

In a statement, the couple said “This year has been such an exciting year for us – England are in the World Cup finals, Victoria’s had a second top 10 hit and now we are expecting a new baby”.

Congratulations from!

Virgin Not Dropping Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has dismissed reports claiming she is about to be dropped by her record label, Virgin.

Her latest single ‘A Mind Of Its Own’ has finally presented itself on the UK singles chart at No.6, a notch higher than her first single when it first made its entry on the charts. Hence, tabloids are sparking speculation that Virgin is indeed losing patience in the one fifth of the Spice Girls singer.

Making an appearance on the ‘Pepsi Chart Show’, Mrs Beckham said, “There have been lots of rumours in the papers today saying I am going to get dropped, and the truth of the matter is I am not going to get dropped.”

Adding that she was really satisfied with her single debuting at No.6 on the charts, the ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’ singer, whose husband is a big fan of Will Young, said that her next single, a duet with Robbie Craig, entitled ‘I Wish’, was already receiving lots of airplay. Robbie Craig is of course the male singer who came into prominence when he collaborated with Artful Dodger on their smash hit ‘Woman Trouble’.

“They wouldn’t be letting me do another single if I was going to get dropped,” she said. “You know what newspapers are like, they just like to put all the negative stuff in, but as far as I’m concerned and the record company is concerned, it’s all great.”

Victoria Has Got A Mind of Her Own

Victoria Beckham, also better known as Posh Spice or wife of David Beckham, is now out with the follow-up single to last year’s Top 10 hit ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’.

Entitled ‘A Mind Of Its Own’, it is a pretty romantic number penned by Vic herself for her equally famous husband. Excerpts from the song are as follows: My heart’s got a mind of it’s own/ won’t listen to a word I say/ doesn’t it know that I get hurt too/ When it acts that way.

There is even a French version of this latest Victoria’s offering and when asked recently in an interview why do a recording in French and not Spanish since it’s all the rage, she replied “Because the French record company were interested in me doing it and France is obviously a very big market for me.”

Hopefully this time around, Victoria may do better with this new track of hers than she did previously with her ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’. Although ‘A Mind Of Its Own’ may not exactly give her the No.1 spot she would like to have, it may do slightly better than her first offering which merely reached a disappointing No.7 spot and slipped off the charts as fast as possible.

Personally, if I could judge and rank this Posh Spice number that will definitely grow on you if you were to listen to it over and over again, I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5. All I can say is a very good effort Vic and keep it up!