The Dish On Why Victoria’s So Slim

I, Kele Harvey, am going to share with all my fellow beautiful people logged in to the reason, directly off the mouth of my fave skinny dude, David Beckham, why all our fave sensations are all so friggin’ petite, guy or girl.

Using his ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’ Mrs as a fine example, David, who makes this comments to a leading female magazine, says the reason why both him and his wife are so slim because they have vigorous love-making sessions, what with him being an animal in bed.

In the interview conducted by the woman’s magazine, David also denies rumours that Victoria underwent fertility treatment, saying the couple had been waiting for the right time to have a second child because of their hectic schedules.He also said that before Victoria became pregnant, he enjoyed “practising” for a while.

Asked if the reason for the former Spice Girl’s slim figure was the fact that he was an animal in bed, David replied “That’s definitely one of the true ones!”

The soccer star, in addition, also mentioned that he loves being a gay pin-up idol and icon.

So, there you have it guys. Sex makes our pop sensations elfins, huh? Wonder what Kylie does to be so small? Think about this, chaps.

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