Victoria Beckham Bars Kylie Minogue

My favourite, Victoria Beckham, apparently has banned Kylie Minogue from her posh star-studded World Cup party. “It’s to be a strictly Kylie-free zone” said a source close to the Beckhams to the press. Victoria has even made demands that her pop rival’s tracks are not played by the hired DJ. There’s even a warning that anyone who disobeys her will be thrown out. Slightly above 400 celebrity guests that’ll include Ronan Keating, Sven Goran Eriksson, Natalie Imbruglia and Elton John are expected to attend the white tie and diamonds celebration at Beckingham Palace, rumoured to have cost a cool GBP350,000.

The friendly source also added “Victoria has laid down the law and told all her advisors there will be no Kylie at the party. It’s also an unwritten rule for everyone who works with Posh that Kylie is not to be mentioned in her presence.”

It isn’t exactly rocket science to figure out why Victoria simply loathes Kylie so much, right. I mean, remember the whole Kylie-Victoria episode that occurred when they released their singles at the same time, with Kylie landing her ‘Can’t Get You Out Of My Head’ at the very top of the UK singles chart while Victoria’s ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’ had to settle for the sixth position on the same chart.

At the time this article was written for, Victoria’s spokeswoman had confirmed that Kylie was definitely not on the guest list for the “Gucci and sushi” charity bash, that’s to be held under a huge marquee in the sprawling gardens of the Beckham’s Hertfordshire home.

“It’s a private party so it’s only personal friends of the Beckhams” she said.

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