Liberty X Pleased With Being In Their Band And May Get The No 1 They Deserve

Liberty X looks all set to score their virgin No 1 single with their new track ‘Just A Little Bit’, a current favourite of mine at the moment. ‘Just A Little Bit’, a follow up to ‘Thinking It Over’ and ‘Doin’ It’, is reportedly outselling the current No 1, Ronan Keating’s ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’. According to HMV stores across the UK, Liberty X’s single has been really popular and they predict it will topple Ronan from the No 1 slot come this Sunday.

Meanwhile, the members of Liberty X are pretty much pleased that they did not make the final line-up that eventually spawned Hear’Say because they feel that in the long run, they would enjoy more musical freedom, when compared to their Popstars rivals.

“We just thought we’d like to be the kind of band that we like” said Kevin Simm. “We wanted to make music that we’d be happy listening to. None of us like to be told what to do. We’ve got five heads on our shoulders. Basically, we couldn’t have signed with a record company who told us what to do. We never actually role-modeled ourselves on anyone, we just said let’s just be the kind of band we’d like to listen to.”

They also all feel that despite their rivals Hear’Say’s recent troubles, they believe that Hear’Say hopefully will get back on their feet and it’s not exactly fair when critics compare them to Hear’Say, saying that they’re doing much better than Hear’Say since they’ve lost a pop member and all.

Liberty X’s debut album, entitled ‘Thinking It Over’, is released on the 27th of May.

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