Liberty X Announce Split

In news that will shock many fans, British pop group Liberty X have announced that they will not be recording any further songs together. In a statement on the Official Liberty X Website they said: “We want to let the fans know that Liberty X won’t be doing any more recording together. All of us have separate projects we’re working on, and are excited about.

“We’re still the best of friends and we’ll still be doing all the dates on the current club tour. Also, we still intend to come together sometimes as Liberty X for one-off special events”.

The group were formed in 2001 on the UK TV Show ”Popstars”, originally calling themselves ”Liberty” but later changing to ”Liberty X” following a clash with another group of the same name. As well as many hit singles (including a UK number one for “Just a Little” in 2002) the band released 3 albums: Thinking It Over, Being Somebody and X.

Liberty X Star Has An Argument With Her Boyfriend

Liberty X star Michelle Heaton and her Pop Idol boyfriend Andy Scott-Lee were spotted arguing loudly on a London street recently.

“Michelle and Andy were walking in Soho, looking all lovey-dovey,” a source explained to The Mirror.

“But then something was said and Michelle began shouting at Andy, saying, ‘I can’t believe you could do this!’ and he was raising his voice, too.”

“She started walking off ahead of him. Obviously a nerve had been hit.”

Liberty X As Superheroes?

Liberty X is currently in talks with 20th Century Fox to sign up for a Matrix-style blockbuster.

One loose-lipped source told the tab “The guys are incredibly excited. This could propel them into the big time. They would finally put the “Popstars’ runners-up” tag behind them.”

Liberty X Says Everybody Cries

Liberty X will be back in the new year with their next single called ‘Everybody Cries’.

This ace track has got everybody talking about it and it’s somewhat dark if you will. It’s a great song nonetheless.

Michelle said the other day to the papers “We all adore this song. It’s one of our favourites. We’re still deciding on the treatment for the video but then again, it shouldn’t really be that long before you see ‘Everybody Cries’ on telly.”

Liberty X, Elton John And More Love Iio

Remember IIO, who were formerly known as Vaiio? They’re New York-based producer Mark Moser and the sultry vocalist Nadia, who had one of the biggest dance tunes of the year with ‘Rapture’ back in 2001.

This “follow up” (if you want to call it that) has actually been around for more than half a year now, and was a huge bombastic hit in Miami so now it’s time for the Ibizan invaders to feel its steady groove.

In fact this is the stuff that goose pimples are made of, Nadia’s deliciously seductive vocals fluttering about a deep electro house groove and dreamy, but considerably funky, digital soundscapes.

Even celebritries are digging it. Ask the members of Liberty X, Ms Dynamite. Why, even Sir Elton John loves it. Jessica from Liberty X was quoted recently saying “You know what I love right now? The new one from Iio is simply divine. Such brilliant productions. Nadia, with that dude, makes a very strong dance outfit.”

Really, a gushing review doesn’t really do it enough justice. This is quite simply one of the must have dance numbers of 2003, so grab yourself a copy when it stores in England come 2nd of June.

Bid for a signed CD from Liberty X in an online charity auction

The X Appeal charity is holding an online auction in October and pop stars Liberty X have donated a signed CD!

On the seventh of October this year, the X Appeal, the official charity of the Royal College of Radiologists, will be holding an online auction, held in conjunction with eBay, to raise funds for the charity.

Liberty X, who recently had a number one hit with ‘Just a Little’ are currently busy promoting their latest single ‘Got to have your love’, but the five members still found time to donate a signed copy of their album, and a signed photo. Liberty X’s debut CD ‘Thinking It Over’ is steadily climbing the charts, and includes their other hit singles ‘Doin’ It’ and ‘Thinking It Over’.

Dan Pamment, speaking on behalf of V2 Music, the band’s record label, said; ‘The X Appeal is a really good cause and I’m delighted that Liberty X and V2 can help in some way.’

The X Appeal plans to auction 100 donated items for ‘Auction X’ and so far generous donations have included a signed photo of Michael Owen, an oil painting of David Beckham and David Seaman, and the opportunity to attend a broadcasting session with two Xfm DJ’s.

The X Appeal is predominantly concerned with funding research projects to develop imaging studies and benefit the science of diagnosis. It is also committed to fighting cancer and eliminating children’s diseases.

You can find full details of how to bid for the album by visiting

Information on Liberty X’s activities can be found on the band’s official web site – X Appeal is the research arm of the Royal College of Radiologists. It is unique in funding research in a vital area of medicine frequently overlooked by corporate donors, grant making trusts and even patients.

By developing and applying alternative, non-invasive techniques in medical care, the studies funded by the X Appeal lead directly to improving the quality of patients’ lives.

The X Appeal focuses on the following:

– Cancer treatment research. One in three people will develop cancer during their lifetime. One in eight will die of it. The X Appeal aims to reduce these figures through research into radiotherapy treatment that benefits cancer sufferers.

– Radiological research. 25 million x-rays and scans are used in the UK every year and play an important role in detecting serious medical disorders. UK doctors treat more patients than their counterparts in most countries around the world. The X Appeal supports increased research into x-rays and scans thereby improving patients’ chances of receiving an early and accurate diagnosis.

Liberty X Pleased With Being In Their Band And May Get The No 1 They Deserve

Liberty X looks all set to score their virgin No 1 single with their new track ‘Just A Little Bit’, a current favourite of mine at the moment. ‘Just A Little Bit’, a follow up to ‘Thinking It Over’ and ‘Doin’ It’, is reportedly outselling the current No 1, Ronan Keating’s ‘If Tomorrow Never Comes’. According to HMV stores across the UK, Liberty X’s single has been really popular and they predict it will topple Ronan from the No 1 slot come this Sunday.

Meanwhile, the members of Liberty X are pretty much pleased that they did not make the final line-up that eventually spawned Hear’Say because they feel that in the long run, they would enjoy more musical freedom, when compared to their Popstars rivals.

“We just thought we’d like to be the kind of band that we like” said Kevin Simm. “We wanted to make music that we’d be happy listening to. None of us like to be told what to do. We’ve got five heads on our shoulders. Basically, we couldn’t have signed with a record company who told us what to do. We never actually role-modeled ourselves on anyone, we just said let’s just be the kind of band we’d like to listen to.”

They also all feel that despite their rivals Hear’Say’s recent troubles, they believe that Hear’Say hopefully will get back on their feet and it’s not exactly fair when critics compare them to Hear’Say, saying that they’re doing much better than Hear’Say since they’ve lost a pop member and all.

Liberty X’s debut album, entitled ‘Thinking It Over’, is released on the 27th of May.

Liberty X Band Member Fights With Pole… and loses!

Kevin Simm of British Pop group Liberty X is recovering in hospital after hurting himself in a tug-of-war match. The poor lad was taking part in the tug-of-war for TV show Popworld when the accident happened.

A spokesman for the group said that when everyone let go of the rope, he managed to impale himself on a pole – causing nasty brusing to his kidney. Ouch!

Liberty X have a brand new single out on 13 May called “Just A Little” – which includes great remixes from Almighty and Bump & Flex. The band will then release their debut album “To Those That Wait” on 27th May – which will also include a limited-edition CD copy featuring a bonus CD containing mixes of all their previous singles.Here’s the details of the album:

Track Listing

1. Thinking It Over (Full Length Version)

2. Doin’ It

3. Wanting Me Tonight

4. No Clouds

5. Everyday

6. Saturday

7. Holding On For You

8. I Got What You Want

9. Feel The Rush

10. Greed

11. Right Here Right Now

12. Dream About It

13. Never Give Up

Limited Edition Bonus CD

1. Thinking It Over (Pete Devereux & The Wideboys Club Vocal Remix)

2. Wanting Me Tonight (Wookie Remix)

3. Doin’ It (The Wideboys Club Mix)

4. Doin’ It (Blacksmith Dub)

5. Thinking It Over (The Wideboys Featuring Fat Jack & Miss Shorty)

6. Bigger Badder Better (Kosheen Decoder & Substance)

Liberty – Back With A New Name!

The British pop group Liberty have announced details of their new name, and new single. The band, signed to Virgin Records, lost the rights to use the name “Liberty” after a London band claimed they thay’d been using the name for some time and they owned it. So, Kelli, Tony, Jessica, Kevin and Michelle are now known as Libertyx.

Their new new single ‘Just A Little’ is finished and is

sounding phat! There are remixes by Bump and Flex and Almighty and it’s due for release on 13th May. The video was shot two weeks ago at two locations in London and it was directed by Alex Hemmings who did the band’s first two videos. It’s a sort of Blade Runner meets Mission Impossible!

Their official website is also under construction, and is now available at a new address: It should be up within the next few weeks.

On Monday 1st, Libertyx are playing at a Charity Celebrity Basketball Tournament at Crystal Palace Indoor Arena. Other prople playing include Dermot O’Leary, Dane Bowers, Gary Lucy, Danny and Johnny from Hear’say, 3SL and many more.

Following the busy weekend they will be out on a Regional Promo Tour starting in Wales. They are also playing 3 gigs next week:

Tuesday 2nd April – Time, Swansea (under 18’s)

Wednesday 3rd April – Henrys, Scunthorpe (over 18’s)

Sunday 7th April – Smash Hits Butlins, Bognor Regis (under 18’s)

Liberty ordered to change name

British pop group Liberty were ordered on Tuesday to change their name. The group, who are signed to the V2 record label, were taken to London’s High Court to hear that the name Liberty belonged to a little-known funk band and couldn’t be used by the newer pop stars.

The band have been given 6 weeks to change their name, so as not to cause further harm to the to the funk band’s reputation.

Most likely, we’ll see a variation on the name, like “Libertee” or “LiberT”.Liberty “the pop band” have already had a Top 5 hit single in the UK with “Thinking It Over” and had set their hearts on an April release for their debut album titled “To Those That Wait”.

Liberty “the funk group” started live gigs in the late 80s and have since played Wembley Arena twice, appeared live on the Continent, won Capital Radio/Coca-Cola Young Band of the Year, released albums and singles in the UK and the USA and have put well over 10 years of their lives behind their name Liberty. They are still going strong today.

More info on Liberty funk band: here.