Liberty X, Elton John And More Love Iio

Remember IIO, who were formerly known as Vaiio? They’re New York-based producer Mark Moser and the sultry vocalist Nadia, who had one of the biggest dance tunes of the year with ‘Rapture’ back in 2001.

This “follow up” (if you want to call it that) has actually been around for more than half a year now, and was a huge bombastic hit in Miami so now it’s time for the Ibizan invaders to feel its steady groove.

In fact this is the stuff that goose pimples are made of, Nadia’s deliciously seductive vocals fluttering about a deep electro house groove and dreamy, but considerably funky, digital soundscapes.

Even celebritries are digging it. Ask the members of Liberty X, Ms Dynamite. Why, even Sir Elton John loves it. Jessica from Liberty X was quoted recently saying “You know what I love right now? The new one from Iio is simply divine. Such brilliant productions. Nadia, with that dude, makes a very strong dance outfit.”

Really, a gushing review doesn’t really do it enough justice. This is quite simply one of the must have dance numbers of 2003, so grab yourself a copy when it stores in England come 2nd of June.

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