Liberty ordered to change name

British pop group Liberty were ordered on Tuesday to change their name. The group, who are signed to the V2 record label, were taken to London’s High Court to hear that the name Liberty belonged to a little-known funk band and couldn’t be used by the newer pop stars.

The band have been given 6 weeks to change their name, so as not to cause further harm to the to the funk band’s reputation.

Most likely, we’ll see a variation on the name, like “Libertee” or “LiberT”.Liberty “the pop band” have already had a Top 5 hit single in the UK with “Thinking It Over” and had set their hearts on an April release for their debut album titled “To Those That Wait”.

Liberty “the funk group” started live gigs in the late 80s and have since played Wembley Arena twice, appeared live on the Continent, won Capital Radio/Coca-Cola Young Band of the Year, released albums and singles in the UK and the USA and have put well over 10 years of their lives behind their name Liberty. They are still going strong today.

More info on Liberty funk band: here.

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