Liberty X Band Member Fights With Pole… and loses!

Kevin Simm of British Pop group Liberty X is recovering in hospital after hurting himself in a tug-of-war match. The poor lad was taking part in the tug-of-war for TV show Popworld when the accident happened.

A spokesman for the group said that when everyone let go of the rope, he managed to impale himself on a pole – causing nasty brusing to his kidney. Ouch!

Liberty X have a brand new single out on 13 May called “Just A Little” – which includes great remixes from Almighty and Bump & Flex. The band will then release their debut album “To Those That Wait” on 27th May – which will also include a limited-edition CD copy featuring a bonus CD containing mixes of all their previous singles.Here’s the details of the album:

Track Listing

1. Thinking It Over (Full Length Version)

2. Doin’ It

3. Wanting Me Tonight

4. No Clouds

5. Everyday

6. Saturday

7. Holding On For You

8. I Got What You Want

9. Feel The Rush

10. Greed

11. Right Here Right Now

12. Dream About It

13. Never Give Up

Limited Edition Bonus CD

1. Thinking It Over (Pete Devereux & The Wideboys Club Vocal Remix)

2. Wanting Me Tonight (Wookie Remix)

3. Doin’ It (The Wideboys Club Mix)

4. Doin’ It (Blacksmith Dub)

5. Thinking It Over (The Wideboys Featuring Fat Jack & Miss Shorty)

6. Bigger Badder Better (Kosheen Decoder & Substance)

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