Jade Anderson’s High On Sugar

Critics are saying that you just are going to be hearing a lot more from the likes of a certain Jade Anderson, who’s the latest overseas star to take a stab at achieving US success. And she looks like she’s well on her way to fulfilling that. She’s being constantly requested and is riding up high on the US charts, with that infectious hook of a single, ‘Sugar High’. I’ve got to add that I kind of dig what she has going with that number of hers, only ‘course, if you ask me, I think it sounds a tad like Madonna’s ‘La Isla Bonita’.

Anyway having launched her career in Japan, where she’s all the rage, UK native Jade, 21, will unleash her debut album, ‘Dive Deeper’, on America, sometime in June.

“Dive Deeper is just a way of saying ‘get deeper into life,'” says Jade. “I feel a lot of people are quick to stay in the shallow end.”She began writing poetry as a way to vent her frustrations when she was a teenager. And when melodies began popping into her head, she began writing songs, which she calls a “natural progression.” Jade inherited her songwriting skills from her dad, Jon Anderson, who is from the ’70s prog-rock superstar group Yes. No stranger to the studio, she even contributed backing vocals to some of her dad’s solo efforts.

Jade’s debut, ‘Sugar High’, is a rolling Latin-flavored pop/R&B track about a revitalizing love affair. If you’ve got Real Player, then you can watch her video in all its entirety at:


If you don’t have it or if there’s some problems in watching her video, then fret not, just head on down to her official site at: www.jadeandersononline.com

in order to learn a whole lot more about the gorgeous girl and listen/watch her tracks using various media players.

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