Appleton Sisters May Be Dumped By Their Label

Past All Saints stars Nicole and Natalie Appleton right now are facing the danger of being dumped from their record company. All of this even before they’ve even released a single.

There are two simple reasons as to why this is happening to the sisters. Firstly, it is all because they’ve been postponing the recording of their new album time after time, which naturally angered their label, Warners. And secondly, the duo are believed to have persistently insisted a cool GBP2 million advance for unknown reasons which was turned down.

Just 18 months after signing the contracts and all, both Nicole and Natalie have failed to come up with enough fitting numbers to keep the record company content.

The pair did actually start doing studio time with former New Radicals frontman Gregg Alexander, whose work credits would definitely include Ronan Keating and former Eurythmics star Dave Stewart but a record company insider has confirmed saying that the material Nicole and Natalie have recorded so far just isn’t up to the quality of the material they produced when they were with All Saints.

Because of all of the above, Warners has had enough and have every intention of dropping the sisters.

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