Victoria Bar David Beckham

Victoria Beckham has disallowed her football superstar of a husband, David Beckham, from a Pepsi ad, all because her rival Britney Spears is in it as well.

The Manchester United football captain was supposed to appear in a World Cup “dream team” photo, sponsored by Pepsi, with Britney but Victoria told him no way.

Posh Spice, apparently, did not want any gossip to materialise later that will associate her husband and the ‘Overprotected’ pop princess, especially since Britney has told the press that she finds David Beckham a “cutie”.

According to the tabloids, Britney said “I’ve seen some games on the telly in the States. I’m looking forward to doing the commercial. I think he’s a cutie. But I’m not a very good soccer player so I have to get someone to help me. Maybe he will.”

The two sensations who both own multi-million sponsorship contracts with soft drink giant, Pepsi, will appear in a TV commercial but David is only an animation.

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