Gareth Gates Pushes Will Young Off No.1

Time goes by so slowly/and time can do so much/are you still mine?/I need your love/I need your love/God speed your love to me.

You just read a couple of lines from the Righteous Brother’s classic ‘Unchained Melody’. Now, sitting on the top of this week’s UK singles chart is the Gareth Gates’ version of the very same track, finally relieving Will Young, the champ from the mega hit reality TV series ‘Pop Idol’, of the No.1 spot to second place.

It was reported earlier that Gareth Gates, 17, might not make it to the No.1 slot because of slow sales of his debut single. Looks like sales of his single must have picked up over the weekend across the UK.

Gareth, who was touted as the eventual winner of ‘Pop Idol’ but of course lost to Will, even beat George Michael who released his very racy comeback single ‘Freeek’ in 3 years. ‘Freeek’, a new entry, came in at No.7. Another new entry came from Blue with their ‘Fly By II’ number that went in at No.6.

Other brand-new tracks to make it to the singles chart include:

Way Out West – ‘Mindcircus’ at No.39

Cassius Henry – ‘Broke’ at No.31

Starsailor – ‘Poor Misguided Fool’ at No. 23

Alicia Keys – ‘A Woman’s Worth’ at No.18

Pet Shop Boys – ‘Home and Boys’ at No. 14

Darren Hayes – ‘Insatiable’ at No. 8

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