What You Need Tonight Is Nu Circles

Andy Skinner, the man behind Nu Circles, will be aiming for a Top 10 hit at least with his collaboration with Brian Harvey’s girl, Emma B.

Andy was also the guy who launched Posh Spice’s solo career, giving her a No 2 smash, namely Truesteppers’ ‘Out Of Your Mind’. And apparently, for a short while, Victoria went around singing Andy’s praises and telling anybody who’d listen that they must have him for producing singles.

Well, Andy’s now lent his Midas touch to this straightforward Ibiza anthem which sounds quite like something that Spiller might’ve come up with.

The track’s called ‘What You Need (Tonight)’ and it has chart hit written all over it. Plus Emma sounds actually quite wonderful on it. The cool single can be found in all good record stores come 27th of January so make sure you grab yourself a copy.

Victoria Is Determined To Be Successful And Is Not Quitting

13 December 2002 1149SST – 0800GMT


On 9 December, we reported that Victoria is thinking of quitting showbiz, but now, reports from tabloids reports that she is ever more determine to be successful is is determine to stay in this business. Victoria Beckham has been quietly working on her new album.

The singer travelled to a studio in London last week to write new material, and she is recording later this week. Victoria recently signed a GBP1.5million deal with Telstar and is concentrating on her solo career. But the mother of two spoke exclusively to 3am to tell them that she will not be a judge on the next series of Pop Idol, despite other tabloids claiming she wants to emulate former bandmate Geri Halliwell. She told 3am’s Jessica: “I’m not going to be a judge on Pop Idol. I’ve never even watched the show. I’m busy working on my new album at the moment.” “I have no plans to do any TV programmes and I don’t want to be a TV presenter. “There aren’t many stories about me which make me laugh but I can honestly say David and I cracked up when we read the latest offering. It’s total nonsense.”Friends close to the star also said she is back to her old self and has not become a virtual prisoner in her mansion. “She went shopping on Bond Street last week. On Tuesday Victoria and David went to see Elton John play in Manchester and then went to dinner with him,” says our source. “She is getting on with her life and won’t let the nasty internet rumours or kidnap attempt get to her.”

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Beckhams Want To Appear In EastEnders

David Beckham and his former Spice Girls wife Victoria Beckham want to have a walk-on part in popular soap EastEnders.

David revealed, “We’re mega huge fans. We never miss an episode and when we’re out of the country we always get someone to video it for us. Actually, I’m like one of the biggest fans of soaps. In essence, it’s quite addictive and infectious.”

“Our dream is to turn up in the Queen Vic one day and just order a drink. That would be brilliant.”

Victoria Beckham Speaks Of Kidnap Plot

Victoria Beckham has spoken of her shock at the plot to kidnap her by knocking her out with a chemical spray and also her kids.

Four men plus one woman are in custody over the reported GBP5 million armed kidnapping attempt on Victoria Beckham.

“I’m extremely taken aback and stunned by what has happened. It’s frightening you know. It’s clear these people were serious and that, of course, in essence, has scared the life out of me.”

“It’s terrifying to think that someone would want to do that to you and your children. I’m still in absolute and total shock. Why would they want to do this? Why me? Why my family? I’m just like confused and sad plus alarmed all at the same time” cried Victoria speaking to the press.

She said she would be talking to her security team, adding “But if people want to do this to my family how can you be 100% sure you’ll prevent it? If someone is that mad, that sick, what can you do?”

“I really don’t think this will in actuality sink in for a while. I’m just so shocked.”

Victoria And David Beckham Clinches Six Figure Deal In Asia

Victoria and David Beckham have been signed up by giant Japanese cosmetics firm TBC – Tokyo Beauty Center on a six figure deal and are about to start shooting poster ads at locations in Britain reported UK Tabloid The Sun.

But fans in Britain will not get a chance to see Posh and Becks modelling the make-up. The billboard ads will appear only in Asia. The pictures are being shot by Dean Freeman, who took all the pictures for the United star’s 2000 biography, Beckham: My World.The profile of Posh and Becks has rocketed in Asia since the World Cup in June. England were captained by Beckham and he was embraced by Japanese youngsters as their own. An insider at TBC said: “It’s a huge deal and one the firm insisted the couple sign together. “Believe it or not, David is probably a bigger star in Japan than he is in England. “Victoria’s music is very popular too. The Spice Girls were massive here. “They are a couple every Japanese citizen recognises immediately – especially after the last World Cup. ”

The adverts are being shot in England at a stately home and will try to retain the Britishness of David and Victoria while promoting the product. “Exact figures on how much they signed for are being kept top secret but it is in six figures.”

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It was a family affair

3 September 2002 1417SST – 0800GMT


Although only the Beckhams and medical staff were present during the op, the birth was a huge family event reported UK Tabloid The Sun. Victoria’s mum and dad Jackie and Tony Adams were at the hospital. So were David’s parents Ted and Sandra.

The player’s sisters Lynne and Joanne were on hand, along with Victoria’s brother Christian and his girlfriend Lucy. Victoria’s sister Louise arrived with hubby Hayden and daughters Liberty and five-month-old Tallulah. Brooklyn was one of the first to see his little brother when gran Jackie took him into the operating theatre soon after the birth.

And just after midday, a beaming Becks emerged to talk to waiting news teams. He said: “It’s always nervous having children but it is the most beautiful thing in the world. “Romeo’s gorgeous. Victoria’s great. She’s sitting up in bed and the family are here. We are both delighted.” Wearing a white woolly hat, the proud dad added: “He’s beautiful – he looks like Brooklyn. He has got Brooklyn’s nose and Victoria’s chin. “I was there when Romeo came out. It was awesome. Brooklyn came in when Romeo came out.”Asked if he and Posh planned to have enough kids for a five-a-side team, he grinned: “Maybe we will work on that in a few months.” Beckham’s elated dad, a gas fitter, returned to the theme later saying three more boys would do it. He added: “With my coaching and David’s coaching we should have a great little team.” Ted, of Chingford, Essex, said he was “over the moon” at having another grandson. He added: “Victoria is brilliant. Obviously she is tired but it is superb. I will have a little drink later.”

Asked about Romeo’s name, he replied: “It’s David and Victoria’s choice. It’ s unusual, the same as Brooklyn. “But I know if he turns out half as good as Brooklyn, he’ll be wonderful. The name’s quite catching.” He said he did not know if the name had any special significance for the couple. And he added: “I’ve not even spoken about it to David. There was a lot of hustle and bustle and looking at the baby.”

Meanwhile the tabloid paper, The Sun had helped Posh and Becks celebrate the birth with a gift of a mini Manchester United shirt bearing the name Romeo. Reporter Hannah MacLachlan handed it in at the hospital with the best wishes of Sun readers – and a big bunch of flowers. A receptionist said: “They’re lovely, we’ll pass them on.”

Another famous Romeo – the 23-year-old member of controversial garage band So Solid Crew – added his congratulations. He said: “I think Romeo is a great name, but then I’m biased. Big up the Becks.” Victoria and baby are expected to stay at the Portland for three or four days. The birth ended months of speculation about the baby’s sex and name. Other newspapers wrongly claimed Posh would have a girl.

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The Beckhams’ Christmas Song

Like Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman last year, Victoria and David Beckham are apparently thinking of releasing a charity Christmas single this year.

The famous couple are planning to work with opera singer Russell Watson and donate proceeds from ‘Nothing Is Sacred Anymore’ to the six-year-old Kirsty Howard, who was born with her heart back to front.

Kirsty was seen with David officiating the recent Commonwealth Games in Manchester. The Beckhams took on her case after hearing of her condition.

According to a spokeswoman for Francis House Children’s Hospice “The Beckhams are very positive and say they will be more than happy to get involved after the birth of their baby. They say Kirsty has made such a difference to their lives.”

Victoria Beckham’s Got A New Record Deal

Victoria Beckham’s got a new six-figure record deal.

The stylish star has been offered a contract by Telstar and apparently it’s said that besides Telstar, two other companies approached her, all after news emerged that Virgin dropped her.

Friends close to the Beckhams revealed that although she may change her mind since she has not officially signed the contract yet, Victoria is most likely to select Telstar. Why? Well, because both the famous husband and wife are big fans and friends of Mis-Teeq and Craig David.

A record company insider said “We are pretty close to signing a deal. There was almost a bidding war for her because we all really believe she still has a future in music. With the right songs and marketing she could be a huge star again.”

Beckhams Offered Movie Package

David Beckham has gained himself a movie role and the trendsetter will be playing a superhuman assassin who can shoot bullets around corners.

Apparently, the England ace, famous for his ability to bend shots during soccer, will be featured as a lethal gunman who overcomes being half blind in British gangster flick, ‘Red Light Runners’, reported to cost around GBP8 million.

David’s role is central to the movie. The other characters give him a big build-up, though he only briefly appears on screen.

His pop sensation of a wife, Victoria has also been asked on board. The producers want her to sing a gritty gangster song on the soundtrack.

Michael Madsen who will not only act in the film but also co-produce it, Martin Kemp, Sara Cox and quite possibly Mickey Rourke will join the famous husband and wife.Bosses want to start filming at the end of the year and look forward to David signing the contract soon.

They are being tight-lipped about details of the script but one source said “If you imagine ‘Reservoir Dogs’ set in London then you’re some way to getting the picture. It’s going to be massive.”

David has already briefly appeared in a hit movie. He had a cameo role at the end of smash box office movie, ‘Bend It Like Beckham’ which sees he and Victoria walking through Heathrow airport.

Meanwhile, the offer to Victoria is important. Important because she is without a solo deal at the moment, what with label Virgin dropping her a while ago, so it’s good if she accepts the offer to sing once again.

In addition, the movies’ producers have stressed the Beckhams must come as a package. If Victoria sings on the soundtrack, then David must take the part.

Purportedly, producer Clark already has plans for the sound of Victoria’s track to go with the movie. He says “We’d like to have Victoria work with Marco Pirroni from Adam And The Ants and Sex Pistols’ drummer Paul Cook and get a really gritty tune for the soundtrack. It will most likely include contributions from Gavin Rossdale of Bush and Siobhan Fahey of Shakespear’s Sister. They’ll take her in a direction that would blow her fans away.”

No word at the time this article was written whether the Beckhams have accepted the offer or not.

Posh’s Really Posh Baby

Posh and Becks’s second baby has already been offered a modeling gig before it’s even born.

According to NW magazine, London designer Eric Way wants the baby to model a $13 million diamond encrusted jacket that he’ll then auction for charity.

Apparently, born with a silver spoon is not enough for a posh baby like Victoria’s.

Wow – is that child fortunate or is that child fortunate? Man – – – – – – – – – – –