It was a family affair

3 September 2002 1417SST – 0800GMT


Although only the Beckhams and medical staff were present during the op, the birth was a huge family event reported UK Tabloid The Sun. Victoria’s mum and dad Jackie and Tony Adams were at the hospital. So were David’s parents Ted and Sandra.

The player’s sisters Lynne and Joanne were on hand, along with Victoria’s brother Christian and his girlfriend Lucy. Victoria’s sister Louise arrived with hubby Hayden and daughters Liberty and five-month-old Tallulah. Brooklyn was one of the first to see his little brother when gran Jackie took him into the operating theatre soon after the birth.

And just after midday, a beaming Becks emerged to talk to waiting news teams. He said: “It’s always nervous having children but it is the most beautiful thing in the world. “Romeo’s gorgeous. Victoria’s great. She’s sitting up in bed and the family are here. We are both delighted.” Wearing a white woolly hat, the proud dad added: “He’s beautiful – he looks like Brooklyn. He has got Brooklyn’s nose and Victoria’s chin. “I was there when Romeo came out. It was awesome. Brooklyn came in when Romeo came out.”Asked if he and Posh planned to have enough kids for a five-a-side team, he grinned: “Maybe we will work on that in a few months.” Beckham’s elated dad, a gas fitter, returned to the theme later saying three more boys would do it. He added: “With my coaching and David’s coaching we should have a great little team.” Ted, of Chingford, Essex, said he was “over the moon” at having another grandson. He added: “Victoria is brilliant. Obviously she is tired but it is superb. I will have a little drink later.”

Asked about Romeo’s name, he replied: “It’s David and Victoria’s choice. It’ s unusual, the same as Brooklyn. “But I know if he turns out half as good as Brooklyn, he’ll be wonderful. The name’s quite catching.” He said he did not know if the name had any special significance for the couple. And he added: “I’ve not even spoken about it to David. There was a lot of hustle and bustle and looking at the baby.”

Meanwhile the tabloid paper, The Sun had helped Posh and Becks celebrate the birth with a gift of a mini Manchester United shirt bearing the name Romeo. Reporter Hannah MacLachlan handed it in at the hospital with the best wishes of Sun readers – and a big bunch of flowers. A receptionist said: “They’re lovely, we’ll pass them on.”

Another famous Romeo – the 23-year-old member of controversial garage band So Solid Crew – added his congratulations. He said: “I think Romeo is a great name, but then I’m biased. Big up the Becks.” Victoria and baby are expected to stay at the Portland for three or four days. The birth ended months of speculation about the baby’s sex and name. Other newspapers wrongly claimed Posh would have a girl.

News compiled by Spice Girls Asia News Team

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