Virgin Not Dropping Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham has dismissed reports claiming she is about to be dropped by her record label, Virgin.

Her latest single ‘A Mind Of Its Own’ has finally presented itself on the UK singles chart at No.6, a notch higher than her first single when it first made its entry on the charts. Hence, tabloids are sparking speculation that Virgin is indeed losing patience in the one fifth of the Spice Girls singer.

Making an appearance on the ‘Pepsi Chart Show’, Mrs Beckham said, “There have been lots of rumours in the papers today saying I am going to get dropped, and the truth of the matter is I am not going to get dropped.”

Adding that she was really satisfied with her single debuting at No.6 on the charts, the ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’ singer, whose husband is a big fan of Will Young, said that her next single, a duet with Robbie Craig, entitled ‘I Wish’, was already receiving lots of airplay. Robbie Craig is of course the male singer who came into prominence when he collaborated with Artful Dodger on their smash hit ‘Woman Trouble’.

“They wouldn’t be letting me do another single if I was going to get dropped,” she said. “You know what newspapers are like, they just like to put all the negative stuff in, but as far as I’m concerned and the record company is concerned, it’s all great.”

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