Beckhams Idolised As Hindu Gods

To every Manchester United fan, David Beckham is god. Now two Asian artists have painted him, together with his famous wife Posh Spice, Victoria and son, Brooklyn, as Hindu deities.

The picture is just one of a series of Indian influenced pieces to be exhibited during the run-up to the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, which starts in June.The striking and beautiful portrait illustrates Beckham as the Hindu god, Shiva, complete with four arms, while his wife Victoria is depicted as the wife of Shiva, goddess Parvati. Brooklyn, 2, on the other hand, is pictured as the baby elephant god Ganesha.

The Beckhams are pictured sitting on a throne, with a crowned David holding exclusive sunglasses and “Golden balls”, the golden football famously dubbed by the ‘Mind Of your Own’ songstress. One of David’s arms is around the waist of a tiara-wearing Victoria and the third arm holds Brooklyn who’s in a baby Man U uniform.

The twin sisters who fashioned the stunning work, Amrit and Rabindra Singh, 36, say the portrait is anything except offensive or rude.

“We are using the language of religion, but it doesn’t mean we are saying they are gods in a spiritual sense but in a material sense, rather. They are idols people follow just like gods in the Hindu religion,” says Amrit. “They are depicted as the ideal family within celebrity circles”.

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