Victoria Has Got A Mind of Her Own

Victoria Beckham, also better known as Posh Spice or wife of David Beckham, is now out with the follow-up single to last year’s Top 10 hit ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’.

Entitled ‘A Mind Of Its Own’, it is a pretty romantic number penned by Vic herself for her equally famous husband. Excerpts from the song are as follows: My heart’s got a mind of it’s own/ won’t listen to a word I say/ doesn’t it know that I get hurt too/ When it acts that way.

There is even a French version of this latest Victoria’s offering and when asked recently in an interview why do a recording in French and not Spanish since it’s all the rage, she replied “Because the French record company were interested in me doing it and France is obviously a very big market for me.”

Hopefully this time around, Victoria may do better with this new track of hers than she did previously with her ‘Not Such An Innocent Girl’. Although ‘A Mind Of Its Own’ may not exactly give her the No.1 spot she would like to have, it may do slightly better than her first offering which merely reached a disappointing No.7 spot and slipped off the charts as fast as possible.

Personally, if I could judge and rank this Posh Spice number that will definitely grow on you if you were to listen to it over and over again, I would give it 3.5 stars out of 5. All I can say is a very good effort Vic and keep it up!

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