Christina Milian To Go Urban With Next Offerings

Christina Milian chatted with about her new yet to be titled album due out sometime next year, which she says will be more R&B than her pop and R&B inspired self-titled debut.

“It was a bit diverse, my first album. I think with this next album, it is a bit more urban, and I want it to pretty much flow a little bit more” she said.

“So, instead of having a whole bunch of great songs, but not really being able to like know who I am. I really want to put it together, and people to get to know me, and go through a journey with me through my music. And also, I think music has changed in a way, too. So, I’m kinda into more urban feel.”

“Anyway, subsequently, I’ve lined up Ja Rule, Charli Baltimore, Irv Gotti. I’m working with a lot of different people. It’s great.”

Robbie Williams Curses Geri Halliwell

If you’ve got the chance to hear all the cuts on Robbie Williams’ new album, ‘Escapology’, chances are you’ll find yourself tuning in to a track called ‘Cursed’, which takes a shot at former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell.

On the track ‘Cursed’, Robbie sings,

The lyrics go

Cursed, since your birth dear/ And your worst fears have all come true/ I was naked when it penetrated/ Told everyone I’d slept with you/ Thought you’d like it/ knew you wouldn’t deny it/

People close to the singer believe his song reveals what happened between the pair, who have gone back and forth on whether their relationship was sexual or not.

A source said “No one really knows whether Robbie and Geri actually slept together. It’s been admitted, it’s been denied but ‘Cursed’ tells the real story.”

“Everyone knows that there’s no love lost now between them. They were once the best of friends. Now they are the bitterest of enemies. Robbie reckons Geri’s solo success turned her into someone who scared him. He wants to tell his side.”

Meanwhile, critics have praised Robbie’s single ‘Feel’ and are claiming that it might just be Robbie’s ticket into making it huge in the US of A.

Robbie’s new LP is scheduled to be released into shops come the 18th of November.

Craig David And Jennifer Lopez

Craig David talked to MTV about his new album ‘Slicker Than Your Average’. Craig said that while he was unable to work with Jennifer Lopez on this album, he’d love to take her up on an offer to collaborate in the future.

“She’s a sweetheart” Craig said. “She’s super you know once that finishin’ off the album and tryin’ to get enough time to do it. In the future it will be a beautiful thing. I think we could really pull something off I want it to be different than the J Lo and Ja Rule thing, really different.”

Dannii Minogue Opens Up About Her Love

Dannii Minogue, who releases her comeback single ‘Put The Needle On It’ on the 4th of November has opened up about her relationship with her boyfriend Craig Logan formerly of 80’s pop group, Bros.

“Everyone knows I’ve been married and divorced” Dannii said, explaining her hesitation to marry Craig even though she is happily in love with him. “I’ve had my fingers burnt and like most other people out there who’ve been through that, you get very scared.”

“I don’t know what I think of marriage any more. It’s just a day-to-day thing.”

“I love being with him and we both just enjoy doing the normal things together when we have time. We enjoy each other’s company so there’s no hurry to go get married and all that.”

Macaulay Culkin Sings Mandy Moore’s Praises

Macaulay Culkin talked about his new movie ‘Saved’ to the press yesterday and was asked about how he felt about working with co-star, the lovely Mandy Moore.

“She’s such a beautiful human being. Definitely have not got any airs about her. She’s loads of fun to be with.”

“And yeah, Mandy’s wonderful and we’ve all had a great time just hanging out. I don’t know any of her music at all, but I think she knows that too!”

R&B Star to Australian Download King

American R&B sensation Eryk is planning to return with his first new album in count them; 5 years, the singer is in the recording studio working on his the album which is scheduled for an early release in 2003, according to his website, new songs include “Fame,” “Wrecking,” “Letting You Go,” and “Can You Help Me,” which makes Eryk the Australian King of Acoustic music this week, “Can You Help Me,” (which features an appearance from Stacy of the popular American rock band Spout) enters the Australian Digital Acoustic chart at #2 and Australian Digital Pop chart at #6, making the song the highest debut on both music charts.

Australia isn’t the only place where “Can You Help Me,” seems to be getting action, it’s also #8 most heard song Latin American radio after just 5 weeks on the radio charts (last week #7), the song is #2 in Chile and Bolivia with no promotion on Eryk’s part.

According to the Music Industry News Network “Can You Help Me”,” was never going to be released and there were no plans for the track to appear on Eryk’s forthcoming album, but it seems things have changed since the song has started to become a runaway hit. Be on the look out, Eryk is driving away with a #1 hit, now all we need is another video!

The new Spanish album from one of Latin musics hottest stars.

He’ hot. He’s Latin. He’s Enrique. And he just put out a new Latin album titled Quizas, in stores now.

Now would be a good time to set the lights low and grab the candles. You got a taste of his bilingual flavor with the last few songs on Enrique’s US hit album, ‘Escape’. Get the full dose with Quizas, 11 tracks of romantic, pop infected tracks that will have you moving and swaying. Whether you are relaxing in a warm bath, dancing in the moonlight, or spanking the children, let Enrique serenade you in his warm Spanish accent. “The power of music in Spanish is so strong, “explained Iglesias, “that I couldn’t stay away from it any longer”. Discover what millions have already uncovered in Quizas.Available at online merchants and retail stores, go get Enrique’s Latin album, Quizas. So set the lights low, go get those candles, and let Enrique captivate you.

Girls, get your vocal chords ready. Your favorite Latin hero will be in your town soon.

Get your friends, borrow dads car, because nothing short of a restraining order is going to keep you from seeing Enrique rock the house.

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Official Site :

Jennifer Love On Her Labelmates chatted with Jennifer Love Hewitt about her new album ‘Barenaked’, where she talked about being on Jive Records and whether labelmates Britney Spears and N’Sync have offered her advice.

“Not really. You know, it’s funny because I’ve only met Britney a couple of times and that was completely separate from, you now, me really being on Jive that much” J Love said.

“The boys I’ve known for a while since I was really young. And, you know, they would sit behind me and pull on my pony tale and sit behind me at award shows. And so, you know, they’re friends, and I think a lot of them. N’Sync have been super supportive of my musical stuff.”

“And, you know, have just been really, really kind. I’m so glad to get to be on a label with young people that are, you know, doing so well in the music industry. And, you know, have very strong views on how they want their career to go and, you know, kind of stand up for themselves and all of that stuff.”

“I think it’s great, and you know, I feel honored and complimented that I would get to be within such a great group of people. And Jive Records has just been so amazing and such a dream place to be that I couldn’t really want to wish to be anywhere else.”

Blazin Squad Wish To Get Mis-Teeq’s Alesha or Eve To Do Rap

The boys from Blazin Squad, when asked who they would like to get to do some serious rapping for them, all wanted either Alesha Dixon from Mis-Teeq or Eve.

“Alesha’s sexy, man. She raps so fine, so smooth. It’ll go down well.” That line’s from Strider.

Reepa chipped in “Another one I have to say is Eve. I mean, come on, she’s like the queen of rap or something.”

Bobby Brown Went Nuts At Usher’s Birthday Bash

Bobby Brown was out of control during Usher’s birthday party at the Highlands club in Los Angeles.

Hitting the show without wife Whitney Houston, a source says Brown “stumbled down the stairs” and approached Usher.

“Bobby got down on his hands and knees and started bowing to Usher. Usher invited him on stage and told the crowd, ‘Here’s my man Bobby Brown, the original king of R&B!’ and they hugged” said an invited guest.

“But after the hug, Brown “went all Jekyl & Hyde” on Usher and started screaming, “You need to respect me! You took my spot! You are taking away my shine! I should be on stage, not you!”

A shocked Usher had to call security to escort Brown away when Houston’s hubby tried to fight him on stage.