Ms Dynamite Prefers Having Single That Tops The Charts

Ms Dynamite has said that she would rather have a No 1 single than win the Mercury Music Prize.

Her album ‘A Little Deeper’ is up against albums from The Doves, David Bowie and Electric Soft Parade.

She was being interviewed the other day by Vernon Kay when he asked her which she’d rather have.

After thinking for a moment, she replied sheepishly “Ooh, that’s a tough one. If I’m honest, a No 1 slot.”

The winner of the Mercury Music Prize will be announced in September.

Beenie Man Back In The UK

Beenie Man is back in the UK for a live date at The Forum in Kentish Town on 19th of September, following up on the release of his single ‘Feel It Boy’, a collaboration with the lovely Janet Jackson.

The self-proclaimed ‘King of the Dancehall’ will be promoting his new album ‘Tropical Storm’, which is released here in the UK come 9th of September.

For those of you interested to catch him at The Forum, please note that the door tax will be GBP14.50.

S Club, Sugababes Attend The Guru Premiere With Heather Graham And Gang

The premiere of The Guru, a hilarious Hollywood/Bollywood fusion film, was held the other evening in London.

Ex-EastEnder and The Guru himself, Jimi Mistry, turned up in a car covered in garlands. His co-stars, Heather Graham and Marisa Tomei, were also there obviously.

Together with S Club and Rachel’s finace Jeremy Edwards, the exquisite Sugababes showed up and they all loved the movie massively.

Heather Graham also found the time to spill the beans on her leading man saying that the film star lifestyle has changed him, saying “He always used to say I’m a street guy, I’m not going to go to Hollywood, I’m real, I’m so real and now he’s staying at the Dorchester, so I’m like hi Mr. I’m So Real!”Be sure to check out The Guru’s official website below at

The Sugababes also took the opportunity at the premiere to celebrate their new number one, ‘Round Round’.

Heidi’s recently been quoted as saying that she only rates bands that write their own songs. But she and Keisha were quick to deny the story, saying “We don’t think it’s the be all and end all. We just enjoy writing our own songs and I know I’ve been misquoted in certain things but I did not say that.”

“I said we don’t look down on manufactured bands. Destiny’s Child are manufactured and they’re one of the best bands in the world.”

“If we found out that Alicia Keys didn’t write her own songs would we think anything less of her? No because she’s very talented so that’s what it’s about.”

What did the Sugababes think of The Guru? Keisha said “Gosh! What can I say but it’s extremely funny and original. A definite must-watch.”

S Club Rachel spoke for a few minutes to the press and she revealed that she absolutely loved the movie and she would want just about all to watch it.

Nelly Doesn’t Find It A Dilemma Signing Butts

Although it’s been ‘Hot In Herre’ these past few weeks, things are always cool in the Nelly camp.

With his multi-platinum ‘Nellyville’ sitting atop the chart eight weeks after its release and getting even more popular thanks to the single ‘Dilemma’ featuring Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child, Nelly’s typical day is anything but.

Having just autographed 60 baseballs and called in to dozens of radio stations for brief chats, as usual Nelly doesn’t have much time to himself. But unlike many artists who view such promotional obligations as a royal pain, the St. Louis rapper sees them as evidence he’s doing something right.

“You do find yourself doing a lot more interviews” he said. “But that just all comes with success, though. The higher you go, the more people want to talk to you. When you’re first starting off, there ain’t that many people that want to talk to you because they don’t care, basically. Until you start slowly but surely making a name for yourself, and then more and more people want to holler at you.”

“I do get asked for a lot of autographs from women, sometimes in a few strange places” he said with a smirk that gave the impression he wasn’t talking about geographical locations.”

“Butts have always been there” he confessed.

Truth Hurts Makes You Want To Study The Kama Sutra And Belly Dance

You must have heard the brilliant sounds of Truth Hurts and her debut offering with Rakim ‘Addictive’ by now.

Do, if possible, catch her music video as every note, chant, beat, image, and dance in ‘Addictive’ relies on the romantic notion that the Middle East and India are inherently mystical and sexy so much so that it makes you suddenly want to rush out and study the Kama Sutra, practice Tantric Sex, ride magic carpets and belly dance naked in the moonlight or something.

That’s what the music video does to you.

Truth Hurts recently admitted she has never heard anything like Indian music before yet describes ‘Addictive’ as “bringing some truth to the table.”

She said “It’s sparkling. Rich. Exotic. Enticing. So many wonderfully terms to describe Indian music. It’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before. It’s not your average kind of sound and beat for sure. It’s almost magical.”

“Makes me want to get up and dance all night long.”

Catch Austin Powers On The Osbournes

If you are a fan of the The Osbournes, keep your eyes peeled for Austin Powers also known as Mike Myers.

The groovy star will appear in the second series after he reportedly visited the family several times to persuade them into making a cameo appearance on his movie ‘Austin Powers In Goldmember.’

Meanwhile Jack Osbourne is going places. He will play himself in the first episode of Dawson’s Creek next season and if he’s a hit, the producers might consider something permanent.

Blur Joins “Stop The War”

Just last week British experimentalists Massive Attack publicly expressed their opposition to the proposed war against Iraq.

Now fellow musicians Blur and Elbow are further raising awareness on the issue by jumping on the bandwagon and joining the “Stop The War” campaign.

Blur vocalist Damon Albarn recently spoke out on his views on the topic, “There has to be a public debate about this. I want to get the message across to my country’s elected government. We need a democratic discussion about the rights and wrongs of going to war. There isn’t any kind of consensus.”

Naturi Leaves 3LW Due To Fights

Teen R&B/pop outfit 3LW is in a state of flux as founding member Naturi Naughton has left the group due to constant fighting sessions with fellow group members, Kiely Williams and Adrienne Bailon.

The group recently released ‘I Do (Wanna Get Close To You)’ featuring P Diddy and Loon, as the first single from its forthcoming set, ‘A Girl Can Mack’, which was due for release on on the 1st of October.

In addition, 3LW was scheduled to appear in the video for the new Bone Thugs-N-Harmony single, ‘Get Up And Get It’ which features their vocals, in Los Angeles in the coming few weeks.

Naturi shared that some of the tension was due to Michelle Williams, the group manager and Kiely’s mother, who often commented on her appearance and image. During the interview with radio gossip jock Wendy Williams, Naturi also mentioned that she believed plans were already in the works to replace her.

The Beckhams’ Christmas Song

Like Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman last year, Victoria and David Beckham are apparently thinking of releasing a charity Christmas single this year.

The famous couple are planning to work with opera singer Russell Watson and donate proceeds from ‘Nothing Is Sacred Anymore’ to the six-year-old Kirsty Howard, who was born with her heart back to front.

Kirsty was seen with David officiating the recent Commonwealth Games in Manchester. The Beckhams took on her case after hearing of her condition.

According to a spokeswoman for Francis House Children’s Hospice “The Beckhams are very positive and say they will be more than happy to get involved after the birth of their baby. They say Kirsty has made such a difference to their lives.”

India.Arie Says Grammy Losses Were Politics

As we all know, India.Arie achieved getting seven Grammy nominations only to have not won a single one. It came as a shock to those of us who knew she deserved at least one.

For the first time, she has spoken out about that unfortunate night, having lost, flat out, to Alicia Keys. It did take her a while to recover.

“I was very disappointed” she admitted. “It was the first time I really saw politics at work in my life. That’s all I’m willing to say. Politics. Anyway, after that, I spent a week in Jamaica.”

What she thought about on the islands, you can hear on her new single, ‘Little Things’ lifted from the upcoming album, ‘Voyage To India’, which is scheduled to drop on the 27th of September. As some of you would’ve probably heard her new single on earlier in her last news article, it ends with the defiant line, “I don’t need no Hollywood.”

Disenchanted? “No, I just mean I don’t need Hollywood to sing my songs. All I need is my voice and my heart.”