Justin Timberlake’s Singing Like A Girl, Comments By The N.E.R.D

N.E.R.D.’s Pharrell Williams was speaking to reporters in Toronto over the weekend where he commented on Justin Timberlake’s new solo album.

“The new Justin Timberlake, it’s incredible” said Pharrell. “The boys from N’Sync are all really talented, it’s just that we ended up working with Justin at this point.”

“His album is incredible and I say ‘globe get ready’.”

N’Sync main boy, Justin Timberlake will free his debut album, titled ‘Justified’, which is set for a 12th of November release. “I don’t want to say too much about it” Justin said of the album. “I want people to get what they get from it. It’s definitely a new sound, not just from me, but period.”

He added “I think it’s cool. I hope everybody else does. I’ll tell you that I worked with Pharrell of N.E.R.D fame and Brian McKnight plus more whom you’ll find out soon of course.”

What does some people think of his first solo single? Well, according to some of those of us who’ve heard an exclusive listen to his first single ‘Like I Love You’, it seems that people don’t particularly dig the parts where Justin starts singing like a girl but it does have a good beat to it. It sounds as if it was meant for Michael Jackson actually. Anyway, I reckon it’ll be pretty huge once it starts growing on you.

Survivor 5 Fan, Holly Valance’s A Down To Earth Singer

“Everything is looking good for me and I am still on a high from the success of the first single” said the down-to-earth singer, who has asked her London assistants to call her Holly, not Miss Valance.

“I am just ready to go for it and see where this all takes me. I’ll come home and get a normal job if nothing happens” said the sexy popster who has decided to stay in London permanently.

Obviously, I’m talking about Holly Valance who rocketed to No 1 on the UK singles charts earlier this year with her cover of Tarkan’s hit ‘Kiss, Kiss’, will release her new number on the 23rd of September entitled ‘Down Boy’.

The 19 year old who can’t wait for the brand new season of Survivor 5 {Thailand> to start on the 19th of September, will dump the naked-look and go for one that depict her as a fun-loving innocent.

The move is to target not just boys and men but the ladies and girls as well.

Visit Holly’s official cyber home http://www.hollyvalance.net. Visit Survivor 5’s official website here.

The Guru And The Sugababes, Heather Graham, Samantha Mumba And More

Not only have the Sugababes wowed fans with second No. 1 ‘Round Round’, the girls have had their song immortalised in the hilarious and raucous new comedy, The Guru, produced by the people that gave us Notting Hill, Four Weddings And A Funeral and Bridget Jones’ Diary.

According to the Sun, ‘Round Round’ is a strong contender for the most writing credits on one song, boasting a total of 12 credited writers, including band members Heidi Range, Keisha Buchanen and Mutya Buena.

The ‘Babes are joined on the soundtrack by sterling popsters such as Sophie Ellis Bextor and Samantha Mumba who both provide exclusively new tracks, S Club’s Jo O’Meara, Ms Dynamite and Paulina Rubio.

Make sure you grab yourself a copy and do catch the entertaining flick as it stars Heather Graham, Jimi Mistri and Marisa Tomei.

Originally titled, The Guru Of Sex, Heather returns to the world of pornography in this extremely funny comedy. Ramu, played by Jimi, a dance teacher who emigrates from India to New York with dreams of being the next John Travolta. Unfortunately, his big screen debut ends up taking place in an adult film. Soon, however, he meets the adult film industry’s Meryl Streep played by the lovely Heather, who imparts her sexual wisdom to him, wisdom that he then, through a series of misadventures, uses to transform himself into the Deepak Chopra of sex therapy and tour the talk-show circuit. That is, until Heather’s character finds out.

Britney To Hit Escada, Versace During Fashion Week

New York Magazine reports that while on her six month break, Britney Spears plans to hit New York for their Fashion Week.

Her stylist Kurt revealed, “She is taking a break, so that’s why she could go to the shows. Every time we tried before, she was too busy. She’d also love to do the Europe thing too. Hit Versace, Escada and Roberto Cavalli. In essence, all those designers who have been so good to her.”

Meanwhile, vote for D&G, Marc Jacobs or Tom Ford at this year’s VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards at http://www.style.com/vogue/vh1/vote.html and catch it on the 15th of October if you’re big on fashion and all things designer.

Think before you pick on simon cowell

Hi! One important thing to remember when dealing with the subject of simon cowell. He is being paid to be an jerk.

I think much of it is a paid performance. He is being paid for his opinion. Also, I can see were he and Ms.Abdule would not get alonge.

I have a strange feeling that there is something much shadier than her belly dancer style clothes lerking in her seas.

Often times, the good are made out to be the iditos. While the bad pose as the angels. Look a little closer folks. The picture will become pretty clear.




More Businesses And Money For P Diddy

What do you do when you’ve got your own record label, clothes line, restaurants and music career?

Simple, if you’re Sean Combs also known as P Diddy, you start another business. And this time start a market research company.

Blue Mindset is a polling company that Diddy has launched and provided a vision for. The first poll it conducted was two weeks ago and unsurprisingly for the US, was focused on the events of 11th of September.

The difference for his company is that it will target residents of ‘urban America’ for its results, for which you can read a predominately black audience.

Diddy’s impressive array of businesses now includes Bad Boy record label, Sean John clothing line and Blue Mindset. These businesses turn over an estimated $300 million and Forbes magazine put Diddy’s personal income at $50 million.

On top of this, he produces his own records, other people’s records, and is working on a TV show for MTV and has moved into films, most recently working on ‘Monster’s Ball, opposite Oscar winner Halle Berry.

Madonna Wants To Be Slapped Hard

Madonna’s ‘Swept Away’ co-star Adriano Giannini was stunned when the Material Girl asked him to hit her harder in a scene while filming.

“When I first slapped her, she thought it wasn’t violent enough and told me to hit her harder” he said. “On another occasion I was asked to humiliate her by making her bark like a dog.”

“Seriously, it got a bit masochistic, you know but she seemed to love it and was very professional.”

Tweet On Her Monicker, Single No 2 And Album

“My whole album is like therapy for me as it is full of things I have either experienced or seen someone close to me go through. It is all from the heart.”

Above was the response Tweet gave when asked if everything she writes comes straight from the heart.

A protege of Missy Elliott, it’s been well-documented as to how the hip hop diva helped her backing singer to become an international R&B superstar in the making. And, with her reputation in the ascendancy, Tweet was in the UK recently to help promote the second single from her phenomenal debut set, ‘Southern Hummingbird’, the sexy Indian-tinged ‘Call Me’.

As for her monicker, well, she said that she gets asked that question a lot since people seem to think that she’s a huge fan of Tweety Bird, the cartoon character, but it actually stuck with her when someone called her that. She doesn’t know who or where it came from though but it was with her eversince she was a little girl.

Finally, what’s her message to fans? “Well, I hope my music reaches everybody and that each individual can take what they need from it. Be yourself and be happy.”

Her Indian-inspired single ‘Call Me’ comes out on the 26th of August for those residing in the UK.

Sarah Whatmore On Dumping Men And Impressing Bosses

She is the gorgeous blonde who melted the heart of Pop Idol’s ice man Simon Cowell. But Sarah Whatmore who is being acclaimed as the UK’s answer to Jennifer Lopez, is determined not to let men stand in her way.

The chart hopeful is making a success of her singing career on her own despite failing to reach the final of the ITV wannabe show. Sarah is remembered as the girl judge Cowell, nicknamed Mr Nasty, asked to marry him on live TV.

She said no, of course. And despite having signed a six-figure deal with Simon’s BMG label she admits the thought of that on-air proposal makes her cringe. And Mr Nasty is not the only man she had dumped as she puts her dreams of stardom first.

In her first major interview, Sarah reveals she split with her boyfriend of four years to concentrate on her singing career.She said “But over the past few months things have really taken off for me. I have been so busy recording my album and shooting the video for the single. Now I’m doing nothing but promoting it. I decided we should just be friends because my priority at the moment is my career.”

“I’ve worked so hard to get where I am. I’m living my dream. I don’t want anything to get in the way. We’re still really good friends, though and we speak a lot on the phone. But I haven’t got time for boyfriends at the moment. I am determined to make a go of my music and won’t let anything get in my way.”

Sarah, who releases her debut single, ‘When I Lost You’, on the 9th of September, seems to enjoy making a big impression with her bosses as she will soon launch her career in the States as well since big bosses over there are impressed with what she has to offer.

“Apparently they loved me and are excited about helping me crack America. My priority is to do well in the UK but there haven’t been many successful solo British females over there for a long time so hopefully I can do well.”

Ex Bardot Member, Katie Underwood Makes Solo Debut

Former Bardot singer Katie Underwood joined forces with the likes of Australian dance music outfit, Disco Montego and that collaboration marks her solo debut as a featured vocalist on ‘Beautiful’.

‘Beautiful’ is of course the singer’s first musical release since leaving Bardot in 2001 to pursue a solo career.

“This song isn’t about me,” she said, speaking to the press. “It’s about the music, and I just want people to enjoy it. It’s that simple! While we were doing the clip I was watching some of the extras dancing to it and thought, ‘this is what it’s all about. Creating music that people can enjoy and that makes people want to dance'”.

Collaborating with Disco Montego is also an opportunity for Katie to tentatively put herself back in the music business spotlight, without having to go at it alone.

“Without actually launching my solo career, I have been writing songs, as usual, but that isn’t to say I’m about to release an album, you see. ‘Beautiful’ is a one-off thing at the moment. It’s a great chance for me to do something that I really enjoy without necessarily being back in the music business full time.”Because it’s not all about me, I can still spend time doing my TV show (Channel 7’s upcoming reality series, Undercover Angels) and have time to do other things, like singing in jazz clubs and that sort of thing, from time to time.”

Disco Montego’s DJ Vega said “The great thing about ‘Beautiful’ is that it really shows off a different side to Katie that people wouldn’t have heard before. We’d already started writing ‘Beautiful’ with her voice in mind when we went to her and gave her the opportunity to write with us.”

“What we wanted was to really make use of the jazz training she’d had in the past, but that she had never had the opportunity to really use as part of Bardot. We knew there was a side to Katie’s voice that people hadn’t heard.”

“From the moment we got together she was great. She came back to us with these fantastic verses she’d written which totally fitted with what we’d already started for her. The end result is an amazing example of what Katie is really capable of as a solo artist.”

Katie agreed “I like the idea that people aren’t going to know it’s me straight away. It certainly doesn’t sound like Bardot, that’s for sure. This is my public return to my club-land roots. It’s where I was and the sort of music I was doing before I did Popstars. In fact, if I’d never been in Bardot, this is probably the sort of stuff I’d still be doing.”

Disco Montego’s debut album, featuring a variety of fresh and well-known guest vocalists and musical collaborators, is tentatively scheduled for release at the end of 2002.