More Businesses And Money For P Diddy

What do you do when you’ve got your own record label, clothes line, restaurants and music career?

Simple, if you’re Sean Combs also known as P Diddy, you start another business. And this time start a market research company.

Blue Mindset is a polling company that Diddy has launched and provided a vision for. The first poll it conducted was two weeks ago and unsurprisingly for the US, was focused on the events of 11th of September.

The difference for his company is that it will target residents of ‘urban America’ for its results, for which you can read a predominately black audience.

Diddy’s impressive array of businesses now includes Bad Boy record label, Sean John clothing line and Blue Mindset. These businesses turn over an estimated $300 million and Forbes magazine put Diddy’s personal income at $50 million.

On top of this, he produces his own records, other people’s records, and is working on a TV show for MTV and has moved into films, most recently working on ‘Monster’s Ball, opposite Oscar winner Halle Berry.

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