Megaman Taught The Sugababes A Thing Or Two About The Music Industry

So Solid Crew’s Megaman taught the girls from Sugababes a lot about the music industry and gave them the confidence to stand-up for themselves. This was what Keisha Buchanan has revealed recently.

Sugababes were beginning to find themselves feeling dreadfully separated from their fans and the media alike because during their final couple of months with London Records, the record label was certain that the girls were a “cool” band and would only do certain magazines and television shows.

Speaking to a leading magazine, Keisha said “Meeting people now I realise they took it personally. All in the media were like ‘The Sugababes are too cool for our magazine’ or whatever and definitely it wasn’t that in any way.”

“It was poor really. We said to our record company, ‘That’s not the single to put out’ and they were like, ‘don’t listen to them kids….'” explained Keisha in regard to some of the choices the label made regarding single releases, in particular the girls final single with London Records, ‘Soul Sound’, which eventually drooped.Luckily for the girls, they soon bumped into So Solid Crew’s Megaman who soon started offering them some solid advice.

“He asked us about how things were with our label” Keisha recalled. “When we told him what I just told you earlier, he said it sounded wrong, but we were like, ‘No, it’s supposed to be like that,’ because we didn’t know any better. So he sat us down and talked us through things. In an instant, we went back to our lawyers, checked it out and he was right all along”.

Now with their new music directions, new label, Universal and a new member, Heidi Range, who’s filling in the shoes left by Siobhan Dohaghy who mysteriously quit the pop band somewhere last year, the Sugababes are back with their brand-new offering, ‘Freak Like Me’, that is to be released on 22nd of April.

Popstars 2 Will Hunt For 2 Bands

The next series of ‘Popstars’ will be more like ‘Pop Idol’.

The series is expected to search for two bands instead of the usual 1 pop outfit. This time around, the hunt will finally create one all female and one all male group. For that to take place, it will also have to depend on how talented the people who go for the auditions are.

Running over a period of 17 weeks over the summer, ‘Popstars 2′ will see the public helping to decide who gets into the bands.

In addition, the public can help chose the bands’ names.

The primary try-outs are expected to begin in the next few months.

So for those of you promising future stars or if you think you’ve what it takes to be sensationalised, just like Hear’Say, Sugar Jones, Eden’s Crush, Bro’Sis and more, then be sure to get to the auditions. Live your dreams guys!

Jason Donovan To Do Cheesy Pop Perhaps?

Jason Donovan, interviewed by a magazine, said that he would be willing to produce a novelty pop record with the hopes that it could get him back in the UK charts.

The singer who has of late completed filming a new movie in Australia based on the world of horse racing admits he’d like to become a pop star again, after spending all these years trying to alter his image.

“I spent four years in my home studio, experimenting because I was sick of being this perfect pop star. I spent days listening to everything and making mad tracks which never really got finished. People just like a bit of nostalgia. I don’t think people are so hung up about what category of music they like any more. So what if you like cheesy pop? I’ll trawl through the back catalogue while people are interested” Jason said.

Jason also mentioned he has no plans to recreate his famous mullet hairstyle of the 80s.

“I think the mullet has to be balanced. It is a very specific style. If you are receding, a mullet is not a good look. You need to be thick of hair at the front with a decent weight down the back. It’s not a hairstyle to be tampered with. Jon Bon Jovi killed the mullet for a while there with his soft rock version. Mine held up well, as I used extensive products to keep its shape and I had someone on the Neighbours set who tended my hair.”

All About The N’Sync Member Splits

Justin Timberlake has revealed he is coping pretty well since splitting with pop princess Britney Spears, speaking on an American chat show hosted by Rosie O’Donnell. “I’m cool after the split, but I’m glad you gave me the chance to say it.”

Although he’s through with what he had going with her, he still says he loves Britney very much. He said “I love Britney with all my heart and I will never do anything to disrespect her or degrade her. She will always be special to me no matter what happens. She’s great.”

The couple have been the subject of intense speculation about the supposed end of their relationship.

In other N’Sync related affairs, N’Sync have denied that they are right on course in the direction of a split.N’Sync are currently touring for their ‘Celebrity’ LP across the US.

Although many members of the band have stepped sideways in order to pursue projects other than N’ Sync activities, it is primarily Justin’s activities that have cast doubt over the act’s future.

The N’Sync star has also been linked with Elton John after appearing in the video for his recent hit ‘This Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore’. Elton then hinted to the press he would be playing piano on a Justin’s solo disc.

“I mean right now we are having the tour and then we’ll take a break and do our own thing” said Joey Fatone.

Lance Bass follow his bandmate’s comment, saying “We are not breaking up. For sure ok. It’s plain ridiculous.”

Justin also chipped in, saying “We don’t want people to think that… right now we’re doing the ‘Celebrity’ tour and all plus after that I think we’re going to take a hiatus and then just start getting creative again.”

Kid Rock To Marry Pamela Anderson

Former Baywatch star and the fantasy of just about every male body alive, Pamela Anderson has got engaged to the bad-boy musician Kid Rock.

The 34-year-old ‘VIP’ TV actress said “yes” when Bob Ritchie, best known as Kid Rock proposed on Thursday night outdoors in the Las Vegas desert.

Pamela’s publicist Marleah Leslie says she is jubilant. No wedding date has been set yet.

Meeting backstage at VH1’s diva salute to Aretha Franklin at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, the couple began dating sometime in April 2001.

For Pamela, it’s going to be Marriage No.2. ‘Rocky’ Marriage No.1 is to the Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee. Currently, both Pamela and Tommy are locked in a child custody battle over sons Brandon and Dylan. Last month, Pamela claimed she had contracted the potentially fatal Hepatitis C by sharing a tattoo needle with Tommy. However, Tommy insists that he has never had the disease.

For Kid Rock, 31, on the other hand, it will be the Marriage No.1. He has a young son he raises with the help of his sister in northern Michigan.

Sarah McLachlan and India

Canadian singer Mrs Ashwin S, better known as Sarah McLachlan has given birth to her first born.

Along with her husband, Ashwin Sood and Sarah, they’ve have named their daughter India.

Both mother and baby are doing well, according to her official fan club Murmurs, which can be surfed through at:

Sarah’s follow-up to her last studio album, ‘Mirrorball’, may not be released until 2003.

She also had a Top 40 hit in the UK in February with a Rollo remix of her track ‘Angel’.

For more information on the beautiful lady, check out her official webpage:

Spices and Ex-es

Based on what the ex-manager of the Spice Girls, Simon Fuller, who is back on speaking terms with the ladies said fans of the Spice Girls might actually get to see them perform at an one-off gig come 2004 to celebrate their 10th anniversary and he hopes to release a greatest hits LP that’ll feature all their nine No.1s.

He said “To me, the Spice Girls will always feel unfinished. There was no specific reason why it all went wrong and no malice on my part.”

Meanwhile, Melanie B is in for a brutal shock. Her ex-husband Jimmy Gulzar, 34, plans to divulge just about everything about his turbulent life with his ex-wife in a controversial hour long documentary that’ll be shown on BBC come 10th of May.

According to a magazine, a source said “After years of enduring questions about his sexuality, jibes about his lifestyle and endless speculation about his every aspect of his private life, Jimmy has decided to set the record straight.”

Jimmy, nicknamed as Jimmy Goldcard by all in Mel’s family, reportedly spent his GBP620,000 on divorce settlements and is close to being homeless. Now with the documentary, Jimmy’ll get a fee of GBP15,000.

Also failing to launch a pop career of his own, Jimmy said “This documentary allows me to tell things from my point of view and finally right a few wrongs.”

Mel is now in a relationship with actor Max Beesley and is working on her autobiography.

Christina Foo!

It’s been revealed that genie-in-a-bottle Christina Aguilera has herself a new man, in the form of Foo Fighter’s lead singer, Dave Grohl. The unlikely couple have been seeing each other for a couple of months now, and according to a source close to Christina, they’ve been inseperable.

Christina last performed at the closing cermonies of the Winter Olympics and her new album is due out soon. It was there that she debuted the first of her new tracks – ‘Infatuation’. Other new the tracks which are being considered for the album are: ‘Beautiful,’ ‘Cruise,’ ‘Fighter,’ ‘Make Me Over, ‘Don’t Make Me Over,’ ‘Can’t Hold Us Down,’ and possibly a cover of Terrence Trent D’Arby’s ‘Sign Your Name.’

Will Christina mix business with pleasure and invite the Foo Fighters in to record some tracks? We’ll keep you posted…

Swirl 360 Staging A Comeback

Swirl 360 are well on their way back with credits going to the movie ‘ National Lampoon’s Van Wilder’, which stars Ryan Reynolds and Tara Reid.

The band’s manager Chris Violette tells the press “They’re presently unsigned but quickly becoming quite a story here in Los Angeles in light of the movie and soundtrack for ‘National Lampoon’s Van Wilder'”.

Swirl 360 has two new songs, entitled ‘Okay’ and ‘Radio Song’, featured in the movie.

Claiming the band is still very much alive, Chris added “The band is writing for their next record, collaborating with Steve Bernard of ‘The Tories’ and Stan Frazier of ‘Sugar Ray’.

Swirl 360 are the Jacksonville, Florida duo featuring brothers Kenny and Danny Scott. In 1998, they released their debut album ‘Ask Anybody’ on label Mercury but then got swallowed up and spat out in the PolyGram selloff to Universal in a year later, even though Mercury had proclaimed them as the next big pop act ever.

The Swirl 360 single ‘Hey Now Now’ and ‘Candy In The Sun’ were well received internationally.

Anyway, be sure to look out for new material from Swirl 360.

Ashanti – Top Of The Charts

Outselling albums No. 2 and 3 added together, Ashanti S. Douglas, touted as the next Mary J Blige, will debut at No.1 in the United States this week.

Clocking up of over 500,000 sales and counting even as you read this of her debut album this week is the 21 year old striking Ashanti. Her LP is such a hot cake so much so that so far it has sold more than double of Celine Dion’s ‘A New Day Has Come’ at No.2 and the Now Volume 9 compilation disc at No.3.

In a battle of the new soul divas, Ashanti also beat her week’s biggest rival ‘Oops Oh My’ Tweet, whose ‘Southern Hummingbird’ album sold just only around 180,000 units, which entitles her to unveil at a No.4 slot on the US album charts.

Is it any wonder why she’s so popular? She made a huge name for herself singing songs for the soundtrack of ‘Fast And The Furious’, writing songs for big names in the music industry, singing alongside Ja Rule and Fat Joe on hits ‘Always on Time’ and ‘What’s Luv?’ respectively, plus not forgetting her debut single as a solo singer ‘Foolish’ which is a big hit among the ladies and the men as well because of the mafia-like video she has for her single.