Swirl 360 Staging A Comeback

Swirl 360 are well on their way back with credits going to the movie ‘ National Lampoon’s Van Wilder’, which stars Ryan Reynolds and Tara Reid.

The band’s manager Chris Violette tells the press “They’re presently unsigned but quickly becoming quite a story here in Los Angeles in light of the movie and soundtrack for ‘National Lampoon’s Van Wilder'”.

Swirl 360 has two new songs, entitled ‘Okay’ and ‘Radio Song’, featured in the movie.

Claiming the band is still very much alive, Chris added “The band is writing for their next record, collaborating with Steve Bernard of ‘The Tories’ and Stan Frazier of ‘Sugar Ray’.

Swirl 360 are the Jacksonville, Florida duo featuring brothers Kenny and Danny Scott. In 1998, they released their debut album ‘Ask Anybody’ on label Mercury but then got swallowed up and spat out in the PolyGram selloff to Universal in a year later, even though Mercury had proclaimed them as the next big pop act ever.

The Swirl 360 single ‘Hey Now Now’ and ‘Candy In The Sun’ were well received internationally.

Anyway, be sure to look out for new material from Swirl 360.