How Sarah McLachlan Chooses Her Songs

Ever wonder how Sarah McLachlan chooses which songs to play at a concert?

The Canadian singer-songwriter tells The Winnipeg Sun, “I’m selfish. I do the songs I want to sing.” But she adds, “Of course I take into consideration that fans are going to want to hear certain ones. I want to keep them happy after all.”

So what’s Sarah McLachlan’s favorite song at the moment?

According to the singer, that song just happens to be Answer from her latest album, Afterglow. Says Sarah, “It’s just really simple and beautiful.”

Sarah McLachlan and India

Canadian singer Mrs Ashwin S, better known as Sarah McLachlan has given birth to her first born.

Along with her husband, Ashwin Sood and Sarah, they’ve have named their daughter India.

Both mother and baby are doing well, according to her official fan club Murmurs, which can be surfed through at:

Sarah’s follow-up to her last studio album, ‘Mirrorball’, may not be released until 2003.

She also had a Top 40 hit in the UK in February with a Rollo remix of her track ‘Angel’.

For more information on the beautiful lady, check out her official webpage: