All About The N’Sync Member Splits

Justin Timberlake has revealed he is coping pretty well since splitting with pop princess Britney Spears, speaking on an American chat show hosted by Rosie O’Donnell. “I’m cool after the split, but I’m glad you gave me the chance to say it.”

Although he’s through with what he had going with her, he still says he loves Britney very much. He said “I love Britney with all my heart and I will never do anything to disrespect her or degrade her. She will always be special to me no matter what happens. She’s great.”

The couple have been the subject of intense speculation about the supposed end of their relationship.

In other N’Sync related affairs, N’Sync have denied that they are right on course in the direction of a split.N’Sync are currently touring for their ‘Celebrity’ LP across the US.

Although many members of the band have stepped sideways in order to pursue projects other than N’ Sync activities, it is primarily Justin’s activities that have cast doubt over the act’s future.

The N’Sync star has also been linked with Elton John after appearing in the video for his recent hit ‘This Train Don’t Stop Here Anymore’. Elton then hinted to the press he would be playing piano on a Justin’s solo disc.

“I mean right now we are having the tour and then we’ll take a break and do our own thing” said Joey Fatone.

Lance Bass follow his bandmate’s comment, saying “We are not breaking up. For sure ok. It’s plain ridiculous.”

Justin also chipped in, saying “We don’t want people to think that… right now we’re doing the ‘Celebrity’ tour and all plus after that I think we’re going to take a hiatus and then just start getting creative again.”

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