Jason Donovan To Do Cheesy Pop Perhaps?

Jason Donovan, interviewed by a magazine, said that he would be willing to produce a novelty pop record with the hopes that it could get him back in the UK charts.

The singer who has of late completed filming a new movie in Australia based on the world of horse racing admits he’d like to become a pop star again, after spending all these years trying to alter his image.

“I spent four years in my home studio, experimenting because I was sick of being this perfect pop star. I spent days listening to everything and making mad tracks which never really got finished. People just like a bit of nostalgia. I don’t think people are so hung up about what category of music they like any more. So what if you like cheesy pop? I’ll trawl through the back catalogue while people are interested” Jason said.

Jason also mentioned he has no plans to recreate his famous mullet hairstyle of the 80s.

“I think the mullet has to be balanced. It is a very specific style. If you are receding, a mullet is not a good look. You need to be thick of hair at the front with a decent weight down the back. It’s not a hairstyle to be tampered with. Jon Bon Jovi killed the mullet for a while there with his soft rock version. Mine held up well, as I used extensive products to keep its shape and I had someone on the Neighbours set who tended my hair.”

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