Britney To Hit Escada, Versace During Fashion Week

New York Magazine reports that while on her six month break, Britney Spears plans to hit New York for their Fashion Week.

Her stylist Kurt revealed, “She is taking a break, so that’s why she could go to the shows. Every time we tried before, she was too busy. She’d also love to do the Europe thing too. Hit Versace, Escada and Roberto Cavalli. In essence, all those designers who have been so good to her.”

Meanwhile, vote for D&G, Marc Jacobs or Tom Ford at this year’s VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards at and catch it on the 15th of October if you’re big on fashion and all things designer.

Britney’s Nyla Gets Horrible Reviews

Steve Cuozzo of the New York Post gave an awful review of the food at the Britney Spears’ partnered restaurant Nyla.

Steve said “Almost everything seems pre-prepped and slapped together.” He added, “Grilled salmon tasted more of grill marks than of fish, but you’ve had worse for $17.”

“This tastes awful” Steve’s companion remarked of diner-like red velvet layer cake. “And that’s their best dessert” said Steve.

“A respectable loin pork chop for $17 seemed artificially fastened to the bone. Moist, tender braised beef short ribs that cost $20 can fill two.”

Steve asked about the fried chicken they serve there and the waiter murmured, “I wouldn’t, if I were you. It’s like Kentucky Fried but very dry.”

“To be frank, the place isn’t about food. It’s a pastel playpen for Britney’s teen fans to hang out, lap up the cheerful pink-and-orange color scheme and wiggle to the soundtrack in giant round booths. It’s both ridiculous and adorable, meaning ‘Go in with a sense of humor, and you’ll have a ball’.”

Simon Cowell Slammed Britney, Shakira, Vanessa Carlton

The ‘American Idol’ judges recently stopped by to critique the artists on MTV’s Total Request Live.

Simon started it off by making a nasty remark about Shakira’s ‘Objection (Tango)’ saying “Right, that sounds like Ricky Martin with a high voice. Out of 10 we’ll give the song 2.”

Later, Simon was asked who doesn’t really cut it on the TRL countdown. “Vanessa Carlton for being totally miserable” he said. “Cheer up, girl! You know, it’s a lovely day, sunny, you live in America, be happy!”

As for Britney Spears and her ‘Boys’ remix, Simon blasted “Okay. That was, uhm, Britney Spears with an absolutely apalling song. Britney, go back to the school uniform! Go back to Max Martin and write some decent songs because that song is terrible. Terrible!”

It wasn’t all negative remarks from Simon though as he commented about Avril Lavigne “I really like her. You know what, she’s real! Really makes a change.”With that said, people have been posting on message boards all over the place, saying that Simon is just pathetic. See, research by fellow fans show that Simon, who works for BMG, would not diss any artists from there, like Avril (Arista/BMG), Pink (Arista/BMG), Whitney Houston (Arista/BMG), Christina Aguilera (RCA/BMG).

He slammed those signed elsewhere. For instance, like Vanessa Carlton who works for Universal and Shakira’s on Sony.

Britney Spears, they reckon, he just genuinely don’t like as she’s from Jive and Jive’s owned by BMG and Clive Davis.

Britney’s Father Pulls Gun On 4 Teenage Girls

I once remembered reading articles saying what lovely people Britney’s folks are, giving fans chances to come into their home and entertaining them graciously and also giving them cookies and milk. Well, don’t know what happened but that doesn’t happen anymore. It’s a pretty shocking change.

Chris Rose of The Times-Picayune reports that four fans from New Orleans got a much darker greeting recently, as Britney’s father Jamie, ousted by force. “I don’t know why, but I thought we’d kind of be welcomed if we showed up” said Erica, one of the four girls. “I certainly didn’t expect Britney Spears’ father to pull a gun on us.”

“I had never seen a gun pulled in anger before” said Erica. “And I never thought that if it happened to me it would be Britney Spears’ dad.”

“We were coming there because we love Britney Spears” Beth says. “To have this happen was a shock.”

Chris also apparently went to investigate and Britney’s father admitted it. Here’s what he said “I carry a gun with me. I keep it right here. And I’d have pulled one on you, too, if I didn’t have company. If I’m alone and you come in my driveway, come on my property, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Anyway, you can find the full write-up here.

Britney Spears Hurts US Fans As Well

No stranger to hurting fans nowdays is Britney Spears who snubbed hundreds of fans, all of whom waited two hours in the rain just to see the singer, in New York the other day. Why no stranger, you ask? Earlier this year, Britney snubbed British fans at the UK premiere of her first film, ‘Crossroads’, that’s why.

Britney was at the launch of her NYLA restaurant in New York last Thursday, but chose not to greet any of the fans that came along to vouch their support.

The singer arrived at NYLA venue an hour late, and spent moments talking to waiting reporters before going inside, leaving fans feeling miffed.”I think it’s a little insulting that she didn’t come over and at least say ‘Hi'”said one fan.

“We’ve been waiting here for hours in this rain to see Britney, and she does this to us” said a fellow rain soaked fan. He then added “Looks like it’s time to move on to the upcoming ‘American Idol -‘ perhaps.’ He is of course, referring to the winner that’ll be celebrated in a couple of months time when the American equivalent of UK’s smash reality show ‘Pop Idol’ comes to a close.

Anyway, Britney has had a lot of input into the restaurant’s menu. This comes backed by the restaurant manager Bobby Ochs, saying “Britney came up with some of the southern flavoured dishes like southern fried chicken. We’ve tried to reflect her taste in food.”

Britney is rumoured to be comfort eating since her split from boyfriend Justin Timberlake and also at the news that her parents are divorcing. From the looks of things, she appears to have packed on the pounds quite a bit.

Keep this up, Britney and you’ll be losing your popularity faster than you can spell the title of your latest single.

Britney the most popular celebrity

Britney Spears has beaten Tiger Woods, Steven Spielberg and Madonna as she tops the 2002 Forbes Celebrity list.

The list, complied annually, takes into account earnings, TV & Radio coverage, Web searches and media presence of the World’s top celebrities.

Britney tops the list by earning $39.2 million and having a fantastic 12 months in the media spotlight. As well as appearing on a huge number of magazine covers, she made her movie debut in Crossroads, had live television concert specials, starred in numerous Pepsi ads, and prepared for the opening of her NYC restaurant, NYLA. Even the “on-off” speculation about her and Justin Timberlake fueled her media rise to the top.

To see the full list for yourself, click here.

Any ideas when the Britney phenomenom will end?

Britney Spears Pops Clothes And Bosom

Britney Spears has allegedly employed her own personal tailor who stands ready to assist the star with a needle and thread in case a seam breaks during her performances.

Judging the size of her clothes, one simply have to be forgiven in thinking that the precaution is to helping Britney avoid the problem of body parts “popping” out during performances.

And in other recent Britney dish, reports have been circulating around lately stating that Britney Spears’ cameo role in the third installment of the Austin Powers flick would see using her bosom as a weapon against the agent! Britney, playing a femme fatale will use her breasts… literally! Mini-machine guns will extend from her chest.

One word: Phwoar –

Britney Vs Justin & Britney Vs Sarah Michelle Gellar

What are these pop kids up to now? First they were off, then they made up and now they’re off again?!

It seems that maybe-not-a-virgin Britney Spears gave Justin Timberlake an ultimatum. Either not see dancer Jenna Dewan ever again or not see her again!

Unfortunately for our little pop princess, her N’Sync maybe-not-a-virgin boyfriend said he can’t promise her that.

Britney blew her top and told Justin that everything is over. Justin “dated” Jenna for a while when he and Britney broke up a few months ago. In spite of getting back with Britney two weeks back, Justin still met up for dinner with the dancer. Needless to say, Britney was mad.

Meanwhile, Britney is set for a role in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. She is planning to take on the part of a blood-sucking baddie, according to reports.

She will star opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar for 6 episodes in the show’s next season.Britney is hoping the guest appearance on the programme will boost her acting career.

One insider said “This will be an amazing sight. Millions will tune in to see the two of them fighting in their trademark figure-hugging outfits. It will be a sure-fire ratings hit” reported the papers.

Britney made her big-screen debut in movie ‘Crossroads’.

She also appears in the forthcoming new Austin Powers film.

If you were to ask me, critic-wise, I feel that Britney isn’t very good as an actress to be honest. She could learn though. No harm in that. Now, Mandy Moore seems like a natural on the big screen right.

Holy Smoke – it’s Britney!

Britney Spears found herself in my controversy on Friday, when she was photographed outside on her hotel room balcony – smoking a cigarette!

The pop-tastic superstar has always tried to be a good role model to her impressionable younger fans, by not drinking or smoking, and not having pre-marital sex – something which her Baptist upbringing had taught her was the right thing to do. Well, as we reported last week, she and Justin have reportedly already slept together, and we’ve also heard about Britney having a drink or two too many. Well, at least we now know Britney’s human after all, and is susceptible to the same temptations as the rest of us mortals!

To see the dreaded picture that Britney doesn’t want you to see, just click here. And for more info on what smoking actually does to you: click here.

Oops! Britney’s Not A Virgin

One of the hotly debated subjects in the music industry would have to be whether or not Britney’s a virgin. At last the cat’s out of the bag. Or at least, that’s what the papers are saying. Now it seems, the words of Madonna’s song, ‘Like a Virgin’, may no longer apply to the princess of pop, Britney Spears, 20, or even N’Sync’s Justin Timberlake, 21, like it previously did.

According to her former boyfriend, Justin, he said that Britney built her career on the boast she would not have sex before marriage.

Britney, a strict Baptist, always maintained she had not jumped into beds with any of her boyfriends and that she never slept with anybody to get to where she is today.

“Everyone thinks she is still a virgin but that is a major joke. We both lost our virginity a while ago and please I should know.” said Justin who is alleged to have told a passenger on an airplane.

The whole Justin and Britney stories escalated to an all-time high sometime in March 2002 when it was reported that they were always fighting and hence decided to go their separate ways. The pop couple had been dating on and off since they were 12.

She admitted on a recent trip to Britain that she had regretted claiming she was a virgin plus even hinted that it may not be true.

“I wish I’d never said anything about it,” she told TV host Frank Skinner.

I simply have no idea what to make of this write-up. It may be just publicity, all in the hopes of making sure their names still stay in the tabloids. Or maybe it’s just rumours, perhaps? Whatever it is, you decide.