Simon Cowell Slammed Britney, Shakira, Vanessa Carlton

The ‘American Idol’ judges recently stopped by to critique the artists on MTV’s Total Request Live.

Simon started it off by making a nasty remark about Shakira’s ‘Objection (Tango)’ saying “Right, that sounds like Ricky Martin with a high voice. Out of 10 we’ll give the song 2.”

Later, Simon was asked who doesn’t really cut it on the TRL countdown. “Vanessa Carlton for being totally miserable” he said. “Cheer up, girl! You know, it’s a lovely day, sunny, you live in America, be happy!”

As for Britney Spears and her ‘Boys’ remix, Simon blasted “Okay. That was, uhm, Britney Spears with an absolutely apalling song. Britney, go back to the school uniform! Go back to Max Martin and write some decent songs because that song is terrible. Terrible!”

It wasn’t all negative remarks from Simon though as he commented about Avril Lavigne “I really like her. You know what, she’s real! Really makes a change.”With that said, people have been posting on message boards all over the place, saying that Simon is just pathetic. See, research by fellow fans show that Simon, who works for BMG, would not diss any artists from there, like Avril (Arista/BMG), Pink (Arista/BMG), Whitney Houston (Arista/BMG), Christina Aguilera (RCA/BMG).

He slammed those signed elsewhere. For instance, like Vanessa Carlton who works for Universal and Shakira’s on Sony.

Britney Spears, they reckon, he just genuinely don’t like as she’s from Jive and Jive’s owned by BMG and Clive Davis.

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