Blazin’ Squad Are At The Crossroads

Predictions are coming in that seem to hint that the North London collective, Blazin’ Squad are likely to score one of the biggest hits of the year.

The ten member outfit, who are all awaiting their GCSE results, are known as MC Freek, Melo-d, Strider, Reepa, Krazy, Spike-e, Flava, Rocky B, Kenzie and DJ Tommy B. They are all products of the Highams Park school and have been together for two years.

So what’s their story? Well, their story is one to put world leaders to shame, having formed from two rival freestyling gangs who put their play-fights to one side and united together. Evenings and weekends spent at the centre of explosive under-18 “raves” and pirate radio communities gave them the skills to put their stylings to productive use. And they didn’t have to wait long for a record deal to come their way.

Their first single, ‘Crossroads’ is a reworking of the Bone, Thugs-N-Harmony classic of 1996, which was itself a huge international hit and one of the biggest-selling singles in the history of the US chart.

Given Bone, Thugs-N-Harmony’s superlative vocal skills, the decision to cover this tune might seem like a strange one. As DJ Tommy explains “I heard the track on MTV and took it to the boys. They thought it was heavy. It’s such a great track.”

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