Britney Spears And Elizabeth Arden

Britney Spears’ i-squad reports that the singer’s first fragrance with Elizabeth Arden has already been unveiled to press and retailers. It will hit stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom in late September.

The line is comprised of Eau de Parfum (1.7 fl oz priced at $39.50), Eau de Parfum (3.3 fl oz priced at $49.50), Deliciously Whipped! Body Souffle priced at $24.00, Lather Me Up! Shower Gel priced at $20.00 and Write On! Perfumed Shimmer Stick priced at $20.00.

No word on how Elizabeth Arden execs feel about Britney Spears’ recent unkempt appearance possibly swaying opinion about the beauty product line.

Britney Spears To Be A Mother?

The ex-girlfriend of Britney Spears’ fiance will allow the pop beauty to have a role in her children’s lives – but only after she gives her some parenting tips.

Former Moesha star Shar Jackson has a two-year-old daughter called Kori with dancer Kevin Federline and the former couple also have a boy due to be born later this month.

But rather than get upset at the news that the two will now be marrying, Shar admits she’s ready to accept the Everytime singer as a figure in her children’s lives.

She tells reporters, “My daughter Kori will only meet her after I do. Like any good parent, you want to know who your kid is going to be around. I’ll sit down with her. I have (parenting) books she can read.”

And while she’s preparing to welcome Ms Spears into her extended family, Shar admits that the “scum” (in Shar’s own words) needs to start putting more work into being a good dad.

She says, “He saw Kori the day before Father’s Day. But there is a lot of parenting that he hasn’t been doing. Kevin is pretty much thinking about Kevin these days. And only himself. He isn’t mature yet sadly.”

Meanwhile, it’s been heavily reported in the press lately that the pop princess is pregnant with Kevin’s baby. Hence, the November wedding. Her reps are pretty tight lipped about it all so no official comments have been made by them yet.

Track-By-Track Review of US Edition of Britney Spears’s “In The Zone”

I just got my hand on the US version of Britney’s new album “In
The Zone”. I though I might give you a track-by-track review of
(1) Me Against The Music – This floor stompin’ hip hop number opens
the album and declares Britney’s newly crafted ability to finally
master a genuine hip hop song. The album version is the same as what
you hear on the radio now.
(2) I Got That Boom Boom – It opens with the Ying Yang Twins
declaring “Shout it, we fixin to go to the club to get krunk
with Britney”. Suddenly, you are hit with a sexy barage of beats
as the Ying Yang Twins openly say what we’ve been thinking: “The
Ying Yang Twins and WHO??”. It is similar to Boys except that
she has finally gotten comfortable in this sound.Would be an
excellent single.(3)Showdown – Opens with some bass and funky sounds as Britney
breathily says something. She begins a sing/rap verse in a Janet
Jackson manner. Then a verse starts. It sounds really in the left
field of her usual stuff. Most of the lyrics are breathy. Not much
singing. It almost has a jamaican feel. It is a good driving song.
(4) Breathe On Me – My second favourite on the album. It opens with
some intresting electrical beats and Britney begins to sing very
sexily. The lyrics are bordering on dirty. Definately a really new
and very good direction for her. Her voice sounds like heaven. You
can totally get lost in this song. Definate single material
(5) Early Mornin’ – Opens with a bass line and drum beats as britney
breathily talks about the night before. She begins to sing/rap about
what happened. The sound and all definately sound like what she’s
aiming for. Its like the music from the previous night echoes in her
head as she recalls what happens. She’s also groaning as if she has a
headache. Really cool song, quite catchy. Would be a good club
release, but is kind of repetitive.
(6) Toxic – opens with a sound very similar to Linkin Parks
“Numb”. Then it bursts into music that sounds like Rachel
Stevens “Sweet Dreams my LA Ex”, only faster. Then the two
sounds cross. Then the chorus kicks in. Its wild, funky, and almost
“beach babe-ish”. It sounds very mysterious and its a good
song to shake it to.
(7) Outrageous – the BEST hip hop song on the album. Obviously
produced by R Kelly. Should ABSOLUTELY be a single. Has great hip-hop
beats, some whistles, and middle eastern influence.
(8) Touch Of My Hand – GO BRITNEY. This is my favourite song on the
album. This song is about, as she puts it, “Indulging in
yourself”. It opens with a middle eastern sitar type sound and
then a heavy electronic base line joins in. She begins to sing and
then a great drum loop beat breaks in. This song is absolutely
hypnotic. It starts and you can’t turn it off, its so good. This song
has absolutely got to be a single. The production on it is amazing.
Her voice is really great. The two blend together to create a
passionate and yet beautiful declaration of Britney’s love for
‘self-appreciation’. “another day without a lover…the more i
come to understand the touch of my hand” ;). I wouldn’t think
she could turn this subject into such a beautiful hypnotic song.
(9) The Hook Up – Starts with some jaimaican man shouting something.
Britney begins to sing something hip-hopish and another great beat
breaks out. This is a great dancehall song. Would be a great summer
single and is definately fun in the sun.
(10) Shadow – Starts with a string into as Britney declares regrets
about ‘someone’. Then a great rock/trance chorus breaks out.
“its only a shadow, leaving too soon”. Well we can all
guess who this is about. Its a lovely song. The beats sway and
Britney shows her artistic side with this one. Really good to sing
along to!
(11) Brave New Girl – starts out with that sample from some cowgirl
song and then the beat kicks in and britney begins to rap and her
voice starts to be electrically synthesized. Great song for driving
and getting ready for fun. The lightest and most fun song on the
album. You can’t hate this song! It’s just too good.
(12) Everytime – Begins with a quite and beautiful harp and piano
intro. She begins to sing this sad number in a vulnerable delicate
way. Her voice is absolutely haunting. Sounds identical to her
performance on SNL until the middle of the second verse when some
snapping and soft beats come into play. During the breakdown, some
nice guitar riffs are in the background. Then “this song’s my
sorry” is sung and the song almost stops and you can literally
feel the power of those words. Poor Britney. She may be heartbroken
but she created her most amazing song to date because of it. If she
releases this as a single, i see it going straight to the top of the
charts. Congratulations to Britney on such an excellent song.

Overall, you can definately expect to be surprised with this album.
If i didn’t know better i would say it wasn’t even her. This album is
so fresh, creative, and innovative that everyone can only applaud
Britney on her new found self. With this album we finally see all of
the Britney that was before only peeking through. It’s a wonderful
journey of her self discovery that leaves you begging for more.

Unfortunately that’s the end of the US version. The tracklisting is
not only in a different order than i expected, but its also a lot
shorter. The UK version has 3 extra songs: “MATM” Remix,
“The Answer”, and “DOn’t Hang Up”. Such a shame
because i would love to hear “Don’t Hang Up” and the rest
of “The Answer”. I prefer the MATM remix to the original

Britney Spears new album tracklisting

Pop princess BRITNEY SPEARS will be releasing new album which will be her 4th one this coming August 2003. The album title is “I SAID” and the 1st single will be “Shadow” written by former pop star Lauren Christy. “Shadow” will be released by June this year. Britney’s new album will be much anticipated because of it’s clubbish, blues and even rock hits.

Here are the tracklisting:


Released: August 2003

1. Sacred

2. I Said

3. Shadow

4. With Another Guy

5. Coz U Lookin’ Good

6. Brand New

7. The Way I Feel

8. Free

9. It’s Funny How

10. I Don’t Want You

11. Nothing

12. You Thought Me Wrong

13. Funk It Up

14. Take Me Home

15. Baby Can’t You See?

16. More Than You Know

17. Weakness

Britney Spears’ New Song Lyrics About Justin

Since Justin Timberlake’s ‘Justified’ debut last November, many people have been speculating about the lyrics in the album being about his ex-girlfriend Britney Spears. Now that Britney has a new album coming out, people are wondering about what she’s going to write about the N’Sync fellah.

Apparently, a fan who does not want to reveal its sources, has managed to get hold of some parts of a Britney’s new number entitled ‘Club Song’. It may just land up on her new album so here’s some of those lines to ‘Club Song’.


(Britney whispers) Storytime…


Once upon a time there was a little boy who tried so hard to be down/

Playing me publicly/ twisting the story see, made it the talk of the town/

I try to play sweet/ and be quite discrete/ and let you be on that level alone/

You think the @#%$’s funny/

You gave her my number/

And now I must change my tone/

I mean, you can’t play this game alone/

(Verse 1)

First things first/

(cry me.. cry me..) DONE/

Here’s a bridge to walk over it too/

Why you so caught up wit’ me? /

Sick wit’ it like you got the flu/

I’ve also got the ability to open my mouth/

You don’t want me to tell the truth/(Chant/Chorus & Teaser) watch me shake it, shake it/ watch me shake it shake it/

My little secret about you/

You sure you want me to play too?/


Am I supposed to cry or laugh when I witness you trying to break me off/

I recommend don’t wear anything see through baby/

They might peep that your heart is soft/

It really don’t faze me though/

Out to the clubs I go/


Shake it shake it/

Uh, watch me shake it shake it/

Uh, uh uh uh uh uh uh/

Shake it shake it/

Mm, watch me shake it shake it/

Uh, uh uh uh uh uh uh/

Shake it shake it/

Britney Spears Does Not Like Darius Danesh

Darius Danesh’s desire to meet Britney Spears went horribly wrong. The Pop Idol assumed she’d know who he was when he invited himself into her recording studio. Britney was furious and stormed out.

Darius said “I’m upset. I like her a lot and I guess I shouldn’t have done what I did. Oh dear, she must know me now and will surely think awfully of me.”

Britney To Act In Bollywood-like Movie And Covers ‘I’ve Seen All Good People’

The New York Post reports Britney Spears is back clocking in loads of studio time, working on her fourth album.

Apparently, she’s interested in making sure that her cover of Yes’s hit ‘I’ve Seen All Good People’ makes the final cut.

“She has done some demos and is seeing if she can put it on a forthcoming album” a close source revealed.

Meanwhile, it’s said that she is massively interested in acting in a film called ‘Marigold’, which will see her acting opposite a Bollywood actor. Sources say talks are going to be done to have her beat out other Hollywood actresses who are all keen to do this Hollywood-Bollywood production.

Stop Embarassing Your Mother, Britney

E! Online’s Ted Casablanca chatted with ‘Hairspray’ star Harvey Fierstein who plays playing Edna Turnblad, after the Broadway star met Britney Spears during a recent showing.

Asked who Britney was dating, Harvey said, “What do I know from this girl? She was with her mother and her sister. She just stood there and had nothing to say, other than, ‘I guess I’ve taken up enough of your time.'”

“You got that right, babe! I mean, what am I going to say to her? ‘Stop embarrassing your mother, already?!'”

Britney Spears Meets Britney Valentine

A big Britney Spears fan and drag queen Britney Valentine had his dream come true today after meeting the vocalistress in New York City at her restaurant Nyla.

He said “I followed them towards the bathroom and I gave the bodyguard a pic of me as ‘Britney’ that I had signed for her. He said he would give it to her when she came out. I said thanks and went back to the bar. Two minutes later I get a tap on my shoulder… It’s Britney herself!”

“She said, ‘Is this you?’ pointing to the pic of me in costume, ‘you look absolutely beautiful!’ My heart nearly stopped. Britney Spears thought I was beautiful! Wow!”

Visit Britney V’s official page below