Britney Spears To Be A Mother?

The ex-girlfriend of Britney Spears’ fiance will allow the pop beauty to have a role in her children’s lives – but only after she gives her some parenting tips.

Former Moesha star Shar Jackson has a two-year-old daughter called Kori with dancer Kevin Federline and the former couple also have a boy due to be born later this month.

But rather than get upset at the news that the two will now be marrying, Shar admits she’s ready to accept the Everytime singer as a figure in her children’s lives.

She tells reporters, “My daughter Kori will only meet her after I do. Like any good parent, you want to know who your kid is going to be around. I’ll sit down with her. I have (parenting) books she can read.”

And while she’s preparing to welcome Ms Spears into her extended family, Shar admits that the “scum” (in Shar’s own words) needs to start putting more work into being a good dad.

She says, “He saw Kori the day before Father’s Day. But there is a lot of parenting that he hasn’t been doing. Kevin is pretty much thinking about Kevin these days. And only himself. He isn’t mature yet sadly.”

Meanwhile, it’s been heavily reported in the press lately that the pop princess is pregnant with Kevin’s baby. Hence, the November wedding. Her reps are pretty tight lipped about it all so no official comments have been made by them yet.

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