Holy Smoke – it’s Britney!

Britney Spears found herself in my controversy on Friday, when she was photographed outside on her hotel room balcony – smoking a cigarette!

The pop-tastic superstar has always tried to be a good role model to her impressionable younger fans, by not drinking or smoking, and not having pre-marital sex – something which her Baptist upbringing had taught her was the right thing to do. Well, as we reported last week, she and Justin have reportedly already slept together, and we’ve also heard about Britney having a drink or two too many. Well, at least we now know Britney’s human after all, and is susceptible to the same temptations as the rest of us mortals!

To see the dreaded picture that Britney doesn’t want you to see, just click here. And for more info on what smoking actually does to you: click here.

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