Penelope Cruz To Establish Herself As A Pop Singer

If you haven’t already heard, actress Penelope Cruz is said to be establishing herself as a pop star and may most likely be found collaborating with top acts like Sting.

Penelope, who right this moment, even as you read this, can be found in the tabloids that would carry write-ups on whether or not she and boyfriend Tom Cruise have decided to split, told the press a couple of days back that her pop album would help raise funds for the Sabera Foundation, a charity set up to aid homeless girls in Calcutta, India.

A lot of speculation is building that her album will be released later on this year. Insiders say that it may very well be possibly timed to catch the lucrative pre-Christmas market.

Penelope no doubt would have many celebrity friends and articles are pointing that rock star, Sting is one of the many possible sensations who’ve signed up for the project.

Meanwhile, Penelope is now confirmed to act opposite Bob Dylan in a film called ‘Masked & Anonymous’. Bob plays the part of a musician released from prison for a charity benefit concert. Shooting will begin in July.

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